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After Audits, Democrats Bring the IRS to Light

Democrats are putting pressure on the IRS to clarify why two Trump administration opponents were chosen for a unique and intensive sort of audit after being removed from their government positions.

According to three House sources, the House Ways and Means Committee will examine Charles Rettig, the IRS Commissioner chosen by Trump, on Thursday afternoon about how these ostensibly punitive audits were carried out by a body that isn’t meant to be utilized for political objectives.

In the National Research Program (NRP), an IRS initiative wherein individuals undergo a line-by-line examination of their tax returns and are required to participate in prolonged back-and-forth with the IRS, former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe underwent audits after being fired.

On Capitol Hill, there is rising speculation that these audits were carried out as retribution for those who had betrayed former President Trump.

The Hill was told by a House insider that “the politics here are a lot dirtier than you would assume.” “Commissioner Rettig is friendly and caring, caring a great deal about Congress. Republicans and Democrats haven’t really expressed strong outrage about this yet, but it’s a big story.

Republicans have defended Rettig despite supporting a probe into political targeting at the IRS because he was hired by a Republican administration


Ways and Means ranking member Kevin Brady (R-Texas) claimed last week that Commissioner Rettig “has confirmed unambiguously he has had no communication with President Trump, and the study audits are statistically generated.”

“He has referred this matter to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, and I support looking into all claims of political targeting — consistent with the standard set by the House Ways and Committee when looking into President Obama’s disgraced former IRS director Lois Lerner, who the committee confirmed had engaged in this abuse,” the statement reads.

NRP audits are described by the IRS as helping the organization “identify where compliance problems emerge,” while tax lawyers view them as being incredibly intrusive.

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“Commissioner Rettig will take questions on last week’s revelations on the Comey/McCabe audits,” a Democratic House staffer told The Hill. Steven Goldberg, a tax lawyer at the legal firm Goldburd McCone, who is presently working on two NRP audits, stated in an interview that “NRP audits are very, very intrusive.”

“For instance, you only need to provide your Social Security number when your accountant asks for evidence of your child when you visit them. The IRS will demand to examine their most current report card during an NRP audit, though.

“Could this be aimed at someone? Sure. The IRS makes its auditing decisions in a variety of ways, Goldberg continued. “Someone lives a specific lifestyle, but it doesn’t match up with their tax returns? That is a method of auditing.

Because you’re expected to be using exact figures, using whole-number estimations for your expenses—such as $30,000 for a house payment or $2,500 for an auto payment—is a certain way to get audited straight away.

The DIF score that the IRS computer used? These are secret formulas,” Goldberg stated about a computer program the IRS uses to determine the likelihood that each tax return omits some income.

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