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Do We Ever Expect to Get Another Stimulus Check?

There is a Catch-22 with the inflation drama that keeps raising the cost of living. Average people, especially low-income families, require financial support to deal with rising costs, but another round of stimulus payments will merely exacerbate inflation by pumping more money into the economy.

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Despite conversations at the beginning of the year, it has been obvious for months that the enhanced tax credits and direct payments from the epidemic years are no longer available.

However, other states are achieving a compromise by using considerably smaller and more specifically focused stimulus payments.

This summer and into the fall, millions of Americans may qualify for stimulus funds depending on their circumstances and place of residence.

You must be aware of the following.

Congress Is Idling Over a Federal Gas Subsidy

The Gas Rebate Act of 2022 was put out by several Democratic lawmakers in March. The proposal would provide qualified taxpayers with $100 per month, plus $100 per month for each qualifying dependent, to help them deal with rising fuel prices. Eligibility would be determined by income.

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There is yet a way to go.

To become a law, the act would need to pass through Congress, although it hasn’t even moved past the committee level’s preliminary steps yet.

The following states are the only ones providing additional stimulus payments:



Depending on their filing status, eligible Colorado citizens will receive checks for $400 or $800; but, if the state ends up making more money, they may receive even more. Payments will come in the latter part of the summer.


The governor of Delaware authorized one-time payments for qualified residents of up to $300. By May 31, the majority of payments had been made.

If you feel you should have received one but didn’t, check your eligibility with the state’s Division of Revenue.


In May, eligible Georgians started getting rebate checks for $250–$500. Partial-year residents are entitled to lower payments, which are based on filing status.


A family of four might get up to $1,200 under Hawaii’s approved payouts of $300 for taxpayers earning up to $100,000 annually and their dependents.

A maximum of $100 is available to those with incomes of $100,000 or more. Payment processing by the state will start in late August.

Through a rebate scheme that the legislature adopted in February, eligible Idahoans will get either $75 or 12% of their state taxes for 2020. Payments started in March and will keep coming through 2022.


For qualified taxpayers, Indiana’s government has approved a one-time payment of $125 ($250 for married couples filing jointly). Through the summer, payments will be sent. They started in May. By September 1st, most citizens will have received theirs.


An extremely hefty stimulus check worth $850 will be given to almost 858,000 Mainers who qualify.

Payments will be dispersed on a rolling basis throughout the year, with the first set of checks beginning in June.


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Frontline employees in Minnesota who qualify will get up to $750. June 8 through July 22 are the application dates.

North Jersey

Last year, close to 1 million residents of New Jersey were given a one-time payment of up to $500.

The governor again suggested $500 payouts in March, but this time they would go to nonresident and permanent aliens, their wives, and dependents who filed their tax returns using a taxpayer identification number rather than a Social Security number.

In New Mexico

The most generous stimulus program of any state, eligible residents may get up to $1,500 over three instalments. A round started in May. In June and August, the second batch of payments will be made. The third will take place in July.

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