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The Following States Provide Child Stimulus Checks. Among Them, is Yours?

The child tax credit (CTC) was extended under the American Rescue Plan last year, which helped millions of families cover their essential expenses.

There hasn’t been a new federal CTC since the extended CTC expired in December, except for a recent proposal by the Senate Republicans.

On the other hand, a lot of states are giving their citizens more child tax credits. Below is a list of the states that offer child stimulation checks in case you’re unsure whether yours is one of them.

Avoiding the “Fear of Crashing”

Famous growth investor Peter Lynch and financial journalist John Rothchild co-wrote an article titled “Fear of Crashing” in September 1995 in which they discussed the possibility of a stock market correction and how investors should get ready for and respond to a volatile and uncertain market environment.

Although Lynch’s piece was published nearly three decades ago Learn More About the States That Provide Child Stimulus Checks

A $500 tax credit for families with children was authorized by the New Jersey legislature in June. The family’s annual income must be $30,000 or less to be eligible for the full credit.

The Child Tax Credit, which offers a $1,000 credit for kids under age 5, was also launched by Vermont Governor Phil Scott last month. Families who make $125,000 or less annually are eligible for this credit. More than 30,000 kids in the state are anticipated to benefit from the initiative.


Under California’s Young Child Tax Credit program, eligible families with incomes under $25,000 are each given $1,000. Only children under the age of six are eligible for this credit. The family must meet the requirements for the California Earned Income Tax Credit to be eligible for the credit.

Depending on their filing status and income, Colorado will send families fully refundable credits. On their 2022 tax returns, residents who make less than $75,000 (joint filers making $85,000 or less) will be eligible to claim the benefit.

For households with an adjusted gross income (AGI) of under $6,000, Maryland provides a CTC of $500 per child. For families with children under the age of seventeen, credit is available.

Depending on household income, New Mexico’s Kid Income Tax Credit program offers $75 to $175 for each eligible child. This child tax benefit is available to minors or the taxpayer’s stepchildren.

The Empire State Child Tax Credit in New York offers the greater of either 33 per cent of the combined federal child tax credit and supplemental child tax credit or $100 multiplied by the number of qualified children.

The child must meet the requirements for the federal child tax credit and be 4 years old or older to be eligible for the credit.

Several states provide nonrefundable child tax credits

In Idaho, the credit has increased from $130 to $205 per kid. However, this credit cannot be returned.

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The Dependent Exemption Tax Credit in Maine offers $300 for each eligible dependent and child. Also non-refundable is this credit.

Depending on AGI and tax filing status, North Carolina offers a federal tax deduction ranging from $500 to $2,500 whereas Oklahoma offers 5% of the federal child tax credit.

Although it goes by a somewhat different name, Massachusetts also provides refundable credits. The Massachusetts Household Dependent Tax Credit offers amounts of $180 for a single dependent and $360 for two or more.

Children younger than 12 years old, individuals older than 65, and anyone with a disability is all considered “dependents” for the purposes of the credit.

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