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More Than a Dozen States Are Providing Stimulus Funds to Residents — Is Texas One of Them?

Many Americans received three rounds of stimulus checks from 2020 to 2021 in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and there is no more money available — depending on where you live.

A fourth stimulus package from the federal government is unlikely, but several states are providing monetary assistance to residents.

However, Texas is not one of the states that are putting more money in the pockets of taxpayers.

It’s worth noting that Texas is one of nine states without a state income tax, and none of those states is currently offering stimulus payments.

KSAT contacted Gov. Greg Abbott’s office about the stimulus checks and received the following response:


“Governor Abbott has made it a priority to implement long-term economic relief for Texans, such as declaring an income tax unconstitutional, rather than one-time checks that do not benefit Texas taxpayers.”

Governor Abbott has worked to reduce tax burdens on Texans since taking office, with the property tax relief being one of his top legislative priorities. Working with the Texas legislature, he has cut property taxes by more than $18 billion in each legislative session.

He strongly supports using the state surplus to reduce the amount of property taxes owed and will work with the legislature in the next session to do so in an efficient manner that ensures it for years to come, rather than as a one-time buy down.”

Forbes compiled data from 14 states that are providing financial assistance to residents.

Approved legislation in those states ranges from a $1,050 rebate in California to a $50 rebate in Illinois.

According to Forbes, the following states are providing some form of financial relief:

California – Rebate of up to $1,050

Colorado – $400 Rebate Payments

Delaware – $300 Payments of Rebates

Georgia – $250 Rebate Payments

Hawaii – $300 Rebate Payments Idaho – $75 Rebate Payments

Illinois – $50 Rebates

Indiana – $125 Rebate Payments

Maine – $850 Direct Relief Payments

Minnesota – $750 Payments for Frontline Workers New Jersey – $500 Rebate Checks

New Mexico – $500 Rebates

South Carolina – Rebate Checks of up to $800

Virginia – $250 Rebates

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Since he took office, Governor Abbott has made it one of his primary objectives to ease the financial strain placed on Texans by the state’s various tax systems. In particular, he has focused on lowering the state’s property tax burden.

Through his collaboration with the Texas legislature, he has successfully reduced the state’s annual property tax burden by more than $18 billion.

It is unlikely that the federal government will release a fourth stimulus package, but a number of states are already providing financial assistance to their residents.

According to Forbes, five other states are considering options for gas rebates, direct stimulus payments, income tax rebates, and grocery tax cuts. These are Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

According to CNET, New York and Pennsylvania residents will also receive rebates this summer.

The American Rescue Plan Act provided monthly payments to millions of qualifying families from July to December of last year. These payments will not be made in 2022.

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