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There Are Currently Ten States That Are Sending Out Checks as Part of the Federal Stimulus Package

The state joins a number of other jurisdictions that are providing residents with monetary assistance in the form of stimulus checks.

These checks come in a variety of sizes and amounts. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been more than a year since the federal government last distributed stimulus checks to citizens of the United States.

The following list contains the states that have implemented their very own stimulus check programs:

In the state of Maine, more than 850,000 residents are receiving direct relief checks in the amount of $850 each as a result of the pandemic-driven inflation.

Following the filing of their taxes in 2021, residents of Indiana will be eligible for a tax refund of $125 (or $250 in the case of joint filers), as stated in an announcement made by Governor Eric Holcomb in December of 2018.


The Family Relief Plan of the state of Illinois went into effect on July 1, providing residents with relief by temporarily suspending taxes on groceries, gas, and property for a period of time.

The state of Idaho’s Governor Brad Little recently gave his approval for a tax rebate for residents who live there year-round.

The Department of Taxation for the state of Hawaii has announced that it will begin processing requests for refunds during the final week of August.

The Department of Revenue in the state of Georgia recently made an announcement that it would begin issuing one-time tax refunds to residents of the state. These refunds will be in the amount of $250 for individuals who filed their taxes alone.

Florida The state of Florida will send eligible recipients a one-time direct payment of $450 per child to assist families who have been negatively impacted by inflation. This payment is part of the state’s one-time direct payment initiative.

Delaware: The state has initiated its own relief rebate program, through which residents will receive a one-time direct payment of $300 per adult in the state, or $600 for those who filed their taxes jointly.

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Colorado: In late June, the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, made the announcement that the state would be sending a cashback rebate of $750 to individuals who filed their taxes alone and $1,500 to couples who filed their taxes jointly.

The state of California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, recently signed an inflation relief package with a total value of $17 billion.

The Georgia Department of Revenue made the announcement earlier this month that residents of the state would soon be eligible to receive one-time tax refunds. These refunds are expected to be available in the near future. People who prepared and e-filed their own tax returns are eligible for a refund in the amount of $250.

As part of the package, the state sales tax on diesel was temporarily suspended, and the state also provided financial assistance for things like rent and utility bills.

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