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Staff at KW-IRS Receive Promotions for Achieving the Highest Revenue Mop Up in the Past 16 Years

Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) has revealed that its promotion of 332 staff members and step upgrade of 235 out of the figure is a fitting reward for the remarkable accomplishment of lifting IGR service to an all-time high since its creation of the service 16 years ago.

The promotion comes as a result of the IGR service reaching an all-time high. The KW-IRS has revealed that out of the total number, 332 staff members received promotions and 235 staff members received step upgrades.

Explaining this in a press release signed by Shade Omoniyi, Executive Chairman of the service, KW-IRS said that it recognizes the contribution of Staff to the overall achievement of the Service and particularly in the actualization of the 95.61 per cent of our annual budget of 2021, a feat that is the highest target hit since the Agency was founded in 2016. KW-IRS said that this accomplishment is the highest target hit since the Agency was founded in 2016.

According to KW-IRS, this accomplishment represents the highest target achieved since the Agency was established in 2016.


According to the report, “The Service has also been able to accomplish N18.036 billion IGR collection for the State in the half year of 2022.”

This represents a significant increase when compared to the amount of revenue collected, which was N16 billion during the first half of the year 2021.

According to KW-management, IRS’s staff evaluation and promotion process for the year 2021 is now complete. According to the additional description of the exercise that was provided, this is the case.

One of the most significant outcomes of the exercise was the advancement of 332 members of staff to higher levels and the step-up promotion of 235 members of staff. On the list of people who will benefit from this, there are 316 junior staff members and 16 senior staff members.

“This milestone is an attestation to the efforts of the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq-led administration in recognizing performance and ensuring that suitable work and business environments are in place and that a Kwara of everyone’s dreams can become a reality. This achievement is a testament to the efforts of the administration.

One of the most notable effects of the activity was that it resulted in the advancement of 235 members of the staff to higher positions. This was one of the most noticeable consequences.

The exercise had several noteworthy consequences, but this was one of the most important ones. As a direct result of the activity, 332 members of the staff were promoted to higher levels.

The overall number of promotions is one of the highest totals because it is one of the largest totals. It is anticipated that 316 people who work on the junior staff level will gain from this, while only 16 employees who work on the senior staff level will benefit from this.

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“As a Service, we are resolute in our bid to continuously prioritize Staff welfare in all ramifications; develop an extensive training plan for all, with focus on relevant areas as it affects our operations, better service delivery, support a work-life balance, and continuous review and improvement on the appraisal process,” Omoniyi said.

“As a Service, we are also resolute in our bid to continuously improve the appraisal process.” “As a Service, we are determined in our effort to continuously prioritize the well-being of our Staff in all of its ramifications.”

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