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The “Can’t Be Gwen” Throwback Photo Shocks Fans

Nobody can deny the fact that Gwen Stefani has a stunning appearance. The “Hollaback Girl” singer, who is 52 years old (yes, you read that number correctly), has wowed us with some truly stunning looks over the past few years, and she has even shown off her natural beauty by stepping out sans makeup on more than a few occasions.

She has been wowing us with some truly stunning looks over the past few years. However, people have noted the significant shift in her look, particularly regarding the size of her lips, which appear to be growing at an alarming rate!

On May 1st, the singer uploaded a carousel of five pictures to her Instagram account, in which she could be seen posing and pouting from a variety of different perspectives; one of the first things that admirers noticed was her enormous smile.

(It’s not exactly difficult to spot!) You can guess that the comments section was replete with thoughts on the “Rich Girl” singer’s lips, with many fans literally imploring her to cut back on the suspected lip fillers!

One fan demanded that all other fans stop using lip fillers, to which several other fans answered in agreement. “Stop the lip fillers!” One of the fans gave their reaction by posting an emoji of two hands clapping. (In the comments area, less is frequently more, and sometimes just one emoji says it all!) but another person wrote, “I agree.


Why would she act in such a way? Before, she was really stunning. Now all I see are your full lips. Another supporter chimed in and said, “Agreed. Her lips were the first thing that stood out to me because they are so comical looking. Another one of her admirers said, “She is gorgeous; she does not need huge lips!”

Another one of your fans stated in a different message that you should “Stop with the lip filler too much.” Another fan said, “Too much on the lips you’re naturally gorgeous,” while many other Instagram users noticed that she looked a little bit different from the Gwen they are accustomed to seeing.

“Too much on the lips you’re naturally lovely,” One of Gwen’s fans said, “This does not look like Gwen??!!,” while another admirer added, “You look sooooo different than you did before.”

I like natural ageing. This is obviously boosted through artificial means. “I’m full of artificial sweetener, and my heart has been unfaithful,” the song goes. “If the magic is in the cosmetics, then who am I?” Another fan commented that there was a “vague resemblance” to Gwen Stefani. “Oh my, there’s way too much filler. Another devoted follower inquired, “Where is Gwen?”

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Here are a few flashback pictures to refresh your memory of how Gwen seemed when she was a

member of the American rock band No Doubt in the past. Just in case you forgot.

As of the time this article was written, the following are some of Gwen’s most recent posts on Instagram. Take a peek at the looks she created for the most recent launch of her makeup line, GXVE Beauty.

An adorable photo of her with her husband, Blake Shelton, may be seen here. In case you were unaware, the two individuals served as judges on the show The Voice, which airs on television. In July of 2021, Stefani and Shelton married the knot and became husband and wife.

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