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In 2022, Five of Biden’s Previous Records on Illegal Immigration Will Be Broken

Despite all obvious evidence to the contrary, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas continues to assert that the “border is secure,” even though five illegal immigration records have already been broken in 2022.

Secretary Mayorkas may not be telling the American people the truth or may not be aware of what is happening at the border, according to information compiled by former Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, a member of the Border Security Coalition. These five awful records have already been broken this year:

First, a sombre milestone: This year alone has seen 609 known migrant deaths at the border, compared to 566 in all of 2021.

The countless victims that have been found in remote desert regions farther north of the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are not included in this death toll.

between 267,258 in the 2019 fiscal year and 59,011 in 2021. Even smaller numbers are anticipated this year, according to sources within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The number of deportations frequently topped 400,000 under Obama and 300,000 under Trump.

Fifth, compared to 2020, there were 6,200 more visa application lawsuits filed by unlawful immigrants. The reason why prospective immigrants are now bringing these challenges is that they now believe that, notwithstanding the merits of their legal arguments, they can prevail after President Joe Biden’s historic removal of immigration judges.

Then there is this, which while not strictly a record, is something to take note of. The Vera Institute of Justice, an open-borders non-profit, recently won a $171 million contract from the Biden administration, a record. This contract is likely connected to the rising number of visa lawsuits.


The award, which is an increase of about $30 million from the Trump administration, is for the provision of legal representation to unaccompanied children who have been smuggled into the United States by Mexican drug and human trafficking cartels.

These children and adults who pose as minors are then flown and transported by bus or other means away from the border to prevent the appearance of crowds.

By 2027, Vera’s deal might be worth close to $1 billion. Unsurprisingly, Vera has advocated for “defunding the police” and is against immigration enforcement.

Additionally, all regular operations for locating fugitives who are illegal immigrants have been put on hold, and the staff has been transferred to handle aliens who have previously received a Notice to Report rather than the usual Notice to Appear.

An alien who has been detained at the border and is being held while waiting to appear before an immigration judge should be given a Notice to Appear, which calls for their appearance before a particular court on a particular day.

With the Notice to Appear, specific important biometric information is acquired. However, issuing a Notice to Appear takes time and would result in unsightly lines of migrants at the border waiting for their federal papers in the current frenzy at the border.

The Notice to Report was utilised as a workaround because it only requires the migrant to report to immigration officials wherever they find up and doesn’t require much cooperation.

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The issue is that out of the 34,000 aliens for whom a Notice to Report was issued and for whom immigration agents were given the assignment to search, only 600 have been located. At least 3,643 fugitives are still on the run, and no one is actively looking for them.

The word “secure” continues to have its ordinary meaning, despite excessively sensitive online dictionary editors appearing to rapidly and slavishly appease the woke language police; Mayorkas might want to choose a different phrase to characterise the border under Biden. One word comes to mind: uneasy.

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