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Rusty Bowers of Arizona is the Target of a Crude Name-calling Attack by Trump

Former President Donald Trump launched a vicious attack at Arizona’s Republican House Speaker Rusty Bowers on Monday, but the abuse he levelled at Bowers’ name was so trite that it was more humorous than it was cutting.

In an attempt to poke fun at Truth Social, Trump called Bowers “rusty” (get it?) and “weak” and claimed that he was “wrong on everything.”

After that, Trump provided an explanation, saying, “He is Rusty, exactly like how steel gets rusty and weak.”

This came after Bowers lambasted Trump in an interview that aired on ABC News on Sunday. Bowers said he would never vote for Trump again and that Trump “has no idea what courage is.” Trump’s response was to say that Bowers “has no idea what courage is.”

In June of 2021, during televised proceedings before the House select committee examining the uprising that occurred on January 6, 2021, Bowers, a longtime Republican who had previously been an unwavering backer of Trump, gave a compelling testimony against the former president.

Bowers related the story of how Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani told him to throw out electoral votes for Joe Biden, who had won the presidential election in the state, because “200,000 illegal immigrants” and more than 5,000 “dead people” had voted in Arizona’s 2020 election.

Biden had won the presidential election in the state. But Bowers claims that Giuliani did not furnish him with even a single name of a bogus voter even though he made numerous inquiries.

There was not a single piece of data that could make me question whether or not something was true. Deny your oath.’ That is not something I will do, said Bowers, who also referred to the Constitution as “divinely inspired.”

He stated his position before the House committee by saying, “I do not want to be a winner through cheating.”


In a post he made on Monday, Trump called the “counting” that Bowers had done “pathetic.” There is no vote tallying taking on in Bowers’s state.

After being asked by a reporter during the testimony on January 6, 2018, Bowers grudgingly stated that he would still support Trump if he were the nominee of the Republican Party for president.

However, it is no longer the case.

Bowers declared, “I’ll never vote for him, but fortunately I won’t have to.” “Because I believe that the United States of America is worn out, and there are some incredibly forceful, qualified, morally justifiable, and upright people, and that’s what I want,”

He referred to Donald Trump as a “demagogue” who inspires allegiance in his supporters by “thuggery and intimidation.”

“I have thought, at times, someone born how he was, raised how he was — he has no idea what a difficult life is,” Bowers said. “I have no idea what a difficult life is.” And what people are forced to endure… out there in the real world. He has no concept of what it is to be courageous.

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Following his testimony, Bowers was given a public reprimand by members of his own party. After reaching the maximum on the number of terms he can serve in the state House, he is now attempting to run for a seat in the state Senate, but he is up against a formidable primary opponent who is backed by President Trump.

Last month, Bowers gave an interview to NBC News in which he said, “If I pull this off, it’s going to be a miracle.”

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