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Robocalls Are Strictly Prohibited by Attorney General James

On Tuesday, Attorney General Letitia James was extended an invitation to join a group of fifty other attorneys general from different parts of the country who are cooperating to reduce the use of automated telephone calls (robocalls).

This organisation was able to get off the ground because of the cooperation of the several attorneys general that was involved.

The alliance will investigate the telecommunications corporations that are accountable for the vast majority of robocalls made across the country, and if the investigation reveals that those corporations are accountable for the calls, the alliance will initiate legal action against those corporations.

James claimed that having to deal with annoying phone calls that were generated by automated systems was more than merely a minor inconvenience for him.

He explained that this was because these calls were constantly coming in. “They are used to con customers and elderly people,” she added.

“They are used to con customers.” They are employed to deceive customers. Con artists frequently prey on elderly people by pretending to be them. “With their assistance, it is possible to take advantage of customers who are not paying attention,”

The United States of America receives more than 33 million prerecorded phone calls daily, according to statistics that were collated by the National Consumer Law Center and the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

The research carried out by these two organisations was carried out in collaboration with one another. One tactic that is used in a sizeable portion of these cons is the act of making phoney phone calls to people who are elderly, people who shop online, and other people who belong to vulnerable demographic groups.

This strategy is commonly used to take advantage of people who are in these demographic groups.


Con artists make their victims feel confused by calling them and pretending to be legitimate organisations, like government institutions or well-known businesses. This causes their victims to become suspicious of the caller.

This is done to steal their money from them. This can be achieved simply by imitating the voices of the respective organisations while on the phone.

In recent years, there have been several reports about criminals who have pretended to be members of the families of victims to earn their trust and commit crimes against those victims.

The goal of these criminals was to gain the victims’ trust to commit crimes against those victims. These perpetrators intended to commit crimes against their victims once they had gained the victims’ trust so that they could commit crimes against those victims.

Callers that insist that you pay using gift cards, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency should raise red flags and indicate the need for more investigation on your behalf.

For whatever reason, the Internal Revenue Service does not accept iTunes gift cards or any other payment method that is analogous to them. This contains a variety of other payment methods that are comparable to gift cards for iTunes.
Be on the lookout for callers who pretend to be from official agencies and play pre-recorded messages when they make their calls. They might pull a fast one on you to get you to provide sensitive information, so be on your guard.

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It is common practice to place the Social Security Administration (SSA) at or near the top of lists that rank the departments and agencies of the government that are utilised by the general public the most frequently. They do not make use of the telephone to have conversations with other individuals.

If you have any reason to believe that fraudulent activity is taking place as a result of what you heard or saw during the call, you should immediately terminate the call and refrain from providing any personal information to the other party.

This is especially important if you have any reason to believe that what you heard or saw during the call was recorded.

If you want to file a complaint about fraud, you can do so by filling out the online form that is made available by the office of the Attorney General. If you want to file a complaint about a scam, you can do so by clicking here.

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