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Ted Cruz: if You Believe What Bidenomics Says, the Recession Means Everything is “Hunky Dory.”

The White House has quite literally redefined the term “recession” because the traditional definition of a recession entails a decline in GDP for two consecutive quarters. As a direct result of this, they merely stated that “never mind, words don’t mean what they think they mean.”

Now, all of a sudden, it seems like the economic downturn is doing just fine, even better. The Joe Biden economy is doing very well.

They have no other means of disseminating their lies other than the dishonest corporate media. You will see that this bill, which is the Schumer/Manchin bill, is terrible if you give it some consideration and look at it closely.

Four possible outcomes could occur as a result of this bill being turned into law. The first item on the agenda is the hiring of an additional 87,000 IRS agents. Massive infiltration and these agents are not there to go after the billionaires or the giant corporations; they are there to go after you.

They are not there to go after the billionaires or the giant corporations. They are targeting local businesses, including restaurants and shops. Workers from the middle class are the target of their attention, and they intend to audit the living daylights out of you.


They believe that if we have this army of IRS agents like a swarm of locusts from Washington, it will suddenly generate a lot of money, and it is likely that the Democrats are correct in their belief that this will happen.

I have to tell you that in all of my travels across Texas and the rest of the United States, I have never once come across a single person who has stated that an increase in the number of IRS agents is one of the top priorities that the United States of America requires, out of everything else that the United States of America requires.

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I have to say that this is something that I have to tell you because I have to tell you that. The Democrats have committed to the creation of 87,000 additional ones. The problem is considered to be of secondary significance.

Manufacturing. Their so-called “corporate minimum tax” places an obligation on the manufacturing sector that is equivalent to fifty per cent of that total burden.

Businesses are being punished financially for investing capital in new production lines, new truck lines, and new automobile lines. This is the action that they are taking.

The working population suffers greatly as a result of this calamity. The energy industry is the third industry that is being negatively impacted.

If you are already annoyed by the higher cost of filling up your gas tank, the newly implemented taxes and fees on energy are going to make it even more expensive for you to do so in the future. Because the Schumer-Manchin plan, will be less effective and the cost of energy will go up.

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