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In One California Swing District, the Jan. 6 Hearings Aren’t Having the Desired Effect on Democrats

Amador Martinez had had enough even before the House committee looking into the uprising on January 6 called a single witness.
He blamed former President Trump, who culminated his efforts to rig the 2020 election by unleashing a spiteful and enraged crowd on the Capitol. A hundred and ten per cent.

Melody Douglas also made up her mind before the first hearing’s opening bell on primetime television.

She referred to the committee and its work as “a fraud.” “It’s basically an attempt to harm Trump’s reputation. I hope he’s walking with his head up high.

The Select Committee to Investigate the Attack on the United States Capitol, as the group is known, has provided a compelling portrait of a president who was obsessed with power and the difficulties that his ego and fears brought upon the nation.

Its eight-part series of public hearings, which attracted millions of viewers, provided a compelling argument for prosecuting Trump on criminal charges and vividly detailed the pathology of the president and his hissy fits—including f-bombs, tableware being thrown, and abuse of Secret Service agents.

Speaking at a rally to denounce the electoral college’s confirmation of Joe Biden as president, President Donald Trump-

I’m the f— president, folks. The hearing on January 6 revealed a deranged Trump, which is why he should never again hold the position of leader.
June 28, 2022

The hearings haven’t changed many people’s opinions or the way voters appear to be thinking about the midterm elections in November, at least not yet, it seems.

Caitlyn Miller believes that the committee’s findings only confirm her earlier beliefs that Trump did little to stop the violence and will likely get away with his despicable behaviour, as well as that of Republicans who supported his coup attempt.

Miller, a 30-year-old office worker in Modesto, said, “It’s sort of aggravating to listen, watch, and read how s— everyone was, and then to think no one’s going to be held responsible.”

The Democrat is concentrating on other topics this election that, in her opinion, could be affected by her vote, including climate change, abortion rights, and ensuring that other personal freedoms, like same-sex marriage, are not curtailed by the Supreme Court.

Miller firmly declared, “I do not want to see Republicans in charge,” reaching her arms out as if she could physically eject House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy from the speakership.


There are only about three dozen House races nationwide that are truly competitive.

One of them is right here in the Central Valley, where Republican John Duarte and Democrat Adam Gray are competing to represent a recently established district that stretches south from the Bay Area’s periphery.

Except for a small portion of Modesto, Ceres, its neighbour across the street, and Turlock, the 13th Congressional District is primarily agricultural, with two-lane highways, farm stands, feedlots, and endless orchards.

The activities of Congress appeared far away this week when temperatures reached 100 degrees and the sky was spotted with smoke from yet another Yosemite wildfire.

Voters across the district discussed inflation, the drought, homelessness, water, the revival of COVID-19, and particularly high gas prices in interviews.

The investigation into the violence of January 6 and its causes is a waste of time and money, according to Sharon D., a 50-year-old Trump supporter and mental health specialist in Ceres. (She requested that her last name not be used to prevent harassment.) “Nobody now cares,”

The uprising won’t likely have a big impact on who wins the open House seat unless something radically changes after the committee resumes its hearings in September.

Democrats lauded state assemblyman Gray, 44, for his work in Sacramento. Republicans praised Duarte as the ideal candidate for this district that is heavily dependent on agriculture. Duarte is a 55-year-old farmer who also helps run a family-owned nursery.

The majority of individuals were like Douglas and Martinez, who did not associate January 6 with the local election and are not likely to be persuaded regardless of what the committee determines.

Douglas, a Republican homemaker in Empire who is 60 years old, believes that Trump is “the best president we’ve had in a long time” and that he should seek office again in 2024.

The hearings, according to Republican Melody Douglas, were “a charade” designed to hurt Trump.

She is adamant that the 2020 election was rigged and that the rioters who took control of the Capitol were undercover leftists attempting to implicate the outgoing president.

Nobody, not even the Democrats or the two Republicans on the committee, Liz Cheney and Adam Kitzinger can persuade her differently.

Douglas claimed that she hasn’t bothered to watch a single second of the proceedings because, well, why should she? She believes that everyone in Washington is crooked and should be removed.

Like it was in 1776, Douglas added, “start over with honest people.”

Martinez, who visited the Ceres post office shortly after Douglas left, had some choice words for her. He said, “I think they’ve been duped.

Martinez continued, “I realised something wasn’t right when Trump suggested he could kill someone on Main Street and get away with it.

(Trump actually asserted that he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, which he definitely would with some of his more fervent supporters.) “Oh, my God,” I said. It’s awful.

The Ceres Democrat, a 55-year-old landscaper, claimed to have attentively followed the proceedings and felt it was everyone’s responsibility to do so.

In response to the attack on the Capitol and, more importantly, democracy itself, Martinez remarked, “We need everybody to take responsibility.”

It’s not surprising to see partisans entrenched in their viewpoints or dismissing evidence that contradicts what they choose to believe in a red-versus-blue environment where some refuse to admit even basic truths.

Engagement and persuasion, however, are hardly the most crucial indicators of the committee’s effectiveness.

The peaceful transfer of power is one of the nation’s most significant and sacred ideals, but it was besieged by a president who blatantly abused his position and induced followers to assault the Capitol.

He must be held accountable for his continued fabrications about it.

Gail Tallman paused outside Patterson’s public library to express her support for the hearings on January 6. Patterson is a small farming town.

In the Central Valley, voters discuss the midterm elections in November, as well as January 6 and their main concerns.

The 66-year-old Democrat and former Navy veteran primary school teacher claimed, “I’ve seen every one of them.” It has actually heightened my rage.

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Tallman eloquently outlined the reasons why the hearings are so crucially important, regardless of the television numbers, the number of individuals who leave with a changed viewpoint, or the outcome of the fiercely contested congressional campaign in the valley.

No one is exempt from the law, she claimed.

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