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The Democrats Have Let Loose the “Beast” That is the IRS, and Now It Will Go After Anyone Making Less Than $200,000 Per Year

My sincere apologies go out to my fellow Democrats, but you are to blame for putting some of the most destructive, self-centred, and power-hungry people in charge of our Union.

As a result, all of us are currently paying the price, and we will literally pay even more if the most recent legislation is approved.

We are all well aware of the consequences of inflation at a rate of 9%, which has resulted in an increase of almost $500 in the monthly expenses of the typical household and has rendered any pay gains over the past two years null and void.

We are officially in a worse economic position now than we were in January of 2021 when Joe Biden began office, and the people who are already struggling the most are those on lower incomes.

If you think it’s difficult to pay $4 for a gallon of gas or an additional 20% for groceries, try to picture how difficult it is for individuals who were already struggling to make ends meet on their earnings before this recent wave of price increases.

It’s possible that this is why the lineups at food banks are longer than they’ve ever been, and why people are becoming more dependent on the government.

When was the last time you heard a major Democratic politician speak about the difficulties faced by the poor? Instead, they casually inform the people of the United States that the best way for them to deal with increased petrol prices is to just get an electric vehicle… The tone deafness and obtuseness that have been displayed are astounding to look upon.

So, what are the Democrats going to do? After the laughable Build Back Better plan of 2021 was soundly defeated, these people came up with the Inflation Reduction Act, which at only approximately $400 billion seemed like a steal in comparison.

In addition to being a massive waste of money on ineffective green energy projects and a poorly timed tax increase on businesses at a time when they are struggling with ever-increasing costs, the bill also contains an allotment of $80 billion for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order, so they say, to go after people who cheat on their taxes.

For several different reasons, I consider this to be one of the most offensive aspects of the new law that has recently emerged from Congress.

To begin, the Internal Revenue Service has a current annual budget of $12.7 billion, which indicates that this additional financing is more than 6 times as large.

Some people have stated that this will make it possible for the Internal Revenue Service to go into “beast mode,” which is something that frightens me, but which also reflects a perverted and sinister growth of one of the government institutions that is the most intrusive and punitive there is.

Second, the newly hired agents won’t focus their attention on going after the wealthy. This is because the wealthy can afford high-priced lawyers who, when pitted against the inept IRS bureaucrats, almost always emerge victorious.

They won’t target the rich or the poor; they’ll go after the middle class and small company owners. According to estimates provided by the Joint Committee on Taxation, individuals with annual incomes of less than $200,000 will contribute between 78 and 90 per cent of the total funds collected as a result of this initiative.

These individuals typically lack the financial means necessary to mount a legal defence of themselves, making them easy targets for predators.IRS

This indicates that they will be coming for you, me, and anyone else who may have prepared their own taxes to save money on the hundreds or even thousands of dollars that would have been spent on professional tax preparation.

In 2019, the IRS was able to obtain an additional $1.7 billion out of $4 billion in disputed taxes, so even if they sextuple that number, you’re looking at a meagre $10 billion in additional revenue in return for putting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Americans through the torture of the auditing and legal processes. In 2019 the IRS was able to obtain an additional $1.7 billion out of $4 billion in disputed taxes.

Make no mistake. Instead of being responsible with expenditure, considering where cuts might be made, or working toward a tax regime that is less complicated and easier to comply with… In other words, rather than taking responsibility for their own fiscal irresponsibility (such as fostering inflation with the unnecessary, profligate spending of the $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan”), Democratic politicians are setting their sights on average Americans who are currently struggling to cope with the increasing costs that were created by their massive mismanagement of the economy. This is because Democratic politicians have mismanaged the economy to such an extreme degree.

In the end, what the Democrats seem to be striving to do is increase federal power over Americans, use taxpayer money to buy votes, tear down the institutions that limit centralised power (like the Electoral College and the Supreme Court), and force all Americans to sacrifice their incomes and opportunities to fund a climate change agenda that simply does not have popular support. These are all goals that the Democrats seem to be striving to accomplish (or much chance of succeeding anyway).

But the leaders of the Democratic Party, who we hold in high regard, do not give a hoot about the gripes and worries of normal Americans or even of poor Americans in the United States.

They are focused on gaining power through demagoguery and guilt-shaming to overturn the foundational principles of our nation and replace them with their utopian view of humanity, which is one in which everyone is equally poor and only they have the power.

They intend to do this to overturn the principles upon which our nation was founded. (This is also what the Bolsheviks attempted to achieve throughout their time in power.)

On the other hand, I believe that the power of the federal government should be limited as much as is practically possible.

This would make it possible for the will of the people to be implemented in local communities in a manner that is both more efficient and effective. This idea is diametrically opposed to the socialist mentality and serves as the foundation for both the Jeffersonian democracy and our own constitutional republic.

On the other hand, my allies on the opposing side appear content to stand by and watch as these fools in Washington, D.C., take ever more money, sometimes at gunpoint, to enrich their left-wing special interests (teachers unions, government unions, activists, regulators, and so on), while at the same time squandering the rights and prosperity of honest, hard-working people.

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You are either naive or dishonest if you think that allowing the Internal Revenue Service to enter “beast mode” would be a good idea.

In either case, however, you are exposing yourselves and your neighbours to the dangers posed by the predatory nature of the bureaucratic state. What could possibly be gained by doing that?

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