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What Kind of Interest Should the New England Patriots Have in Roquan Smith?

Smith has evidently reached his breaking point in the process of attempting to negotiate a long-term deal with Chicago.

The Bears’ defence revolves around him, and practically every other team would benefit greatly from acquiring his services. In point of fact, almost every team’s defence would see an improvement if they signed Smith.

Therefore, should the New England Patriots agree to this trade?

There are a few things that need to be clarified here. The first thing to take into consideration is how likely it is that he will actually be traded.

Since taking over as general manager of the Bears, Ryan Poles has been nothing short of a disaster, and the most important thing for him to focus on right now should be trying to develop Justin Fields.

It doesn’t really make a difference even if you have an All-Pro linebacker. For this to materialize, Poles require both players and draft cash.

He must strengthen the offensive line by adding more talented players and bolster the receiving corps with players who are qualified to play in the NFL.

Trading Roquan Smith could result in the acquisition of both players and draft picks; hence, if the relationship between Smith and the Bears has deteriorated to the point where it cannot be salvaged, it makes sense to trade Smith.

Next, what are the prerequisites for getting Smith? So, it looks like a combination of talent and draft capital will be necessary.

Because the Patriots have sufficient amounts of each of these things in their storage facilities, I believe that they could put together an appealing deal.

Because the Patriots have not had much success in the draft in the past, I believe it would be prudent for them to trade one or more of their draft picks to acquire a player who can be relied upon.

The names Isaiah Wynn and Nelson Agholor immediately come to mind when thinking about players who the Bears would be interested in. It appears that Wynn was moved to right tackle, and Agholor may be the odd man out in the receiving room.


Since Mike Onwenu is capable of playing tackle and can play it well, the team could easily slip him over to that position.

Nelson Agholor didn’t do anything wrong, but now that DeVante Parker and Tyquan Thornton are on the team, it’s possible that Agholor’s role won’t be as important.

The Bears could really benefit from adding some excellent receivers and offensive linemen.

In point of fact, Agholor would almost certainly be the second option, after Darnell Mooney, and Wynn would without a doubt be their most gifted lineman.

It is also quite likely that the Patriots will need to add a draft pick in this deal; however, I do not believe this will be a major obstacle.

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After that, the club would have to negotiate a long-term agreement while having a very small amount of cap space, which will increase significantly over the following summer.

Because the Patriots’ offence hasn’t performed well so far in training camp, the team may need to lean more heavily on the defence, and Roquan Smith has the potential to significantly boost the performance of that unit.

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