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In Season Three of Never Have I Ever, Do Fabiola and Aneesa Get Together?

The time is now. Finally, Netflix is offering Never Have I Ever season 3. This season saw a lot of events, including the introduction of new love interests and problems with all the major couples’ relationships.

Even some unexpected and stunning romantic matches occurred. Get together this season, Fabiola and Aneesa. Discover the solution to this quandary by reading on.

The second season of Never Have I Ever concludes with Ben and Aneesa dating, Eleanor and Trent perhaps getting together, Devi and Paxton formally dating, Fabiola and Eve professing their love for one another, and Devi and Paxton officially dating.

Except Ben still has feelings for Devi, everything was improving for all of the characters towards the end of season 2. But at the start of season three of Never Have I Ever, issues begin to surface for all the couples.

There will be Never having I Ever season 3 spoilers after this!

Due to Devi’s insecurities about being with Paxton, the couple is having relationship issues at the beginning of season 3. If Eleanor and Trent are dating, she’s not sure.

Eve relocates to South Korea as a result of her mother’s new business endeavour, which strains her relationship with Fabiola. Last but not least, it becomes apparent that Aneesa and Ben aren’t really compatible.


Ben and Aneesa finally break up as the season progresses because they just can’t seem to make things work. However, Aneesa is not a long-term bachelor.

Unexpectedly, she meets up with someone. Additionally, Fabiola and Eve’s long-distance romance fails to succeed.

Does season 3 of Never Have I Ever have Fabiola and Aneesa getting together?

And in the third season, Fabiola and Aneesa start dating. We didn’t at all anticipate Fabiola and Aneesa to end up together, to be completely honest.

Up until season 3, they didn’t show any indications of liking one another. Aneesa and Fabiola kiss inside the high school bathroom, and there is where it all starts.

With her lover, Ben, Aneesa has been experiencing feelings of undervaluation and misunderstanding. Without realizing Fabiola was in one of the stalls, she entered the restroom and immediately began to scream.

Aneesa swiftly dabs her tears away as Fabiola leaves the restroom. Aneesa looks at Fabiola as she begins to congratulate her on how well she played in the soccer game.

Fabiola is suddenly kissed by Aneesa. They start to break apart as they lock their eyes. Since they didn’t talk about the kiss the day after it happened, they start acting strangely around one another. After some discussion, Fabiola and Aneesa decide not to bring up their kiss.

As a result of their lack of shared interests and Ben’s continued feelings for Devi, Ben and Aneesa later split up. Aneesa walks inside a classroom after they split off and spots Fabiola there. A private moment is shared while they discuss their separation.

Fabiola and Aneesa don’t really start dating until the evening of the theatre club’s coffeehouse gathering. Aneesa is informed by Fabiola that she has to speak with her while they are returning from the event.

Aneesa, however, asks Fabiola if they should just go on dates since they obviously get along since she was about to ask Aneesa to be her girlfriend. And after that, they are married. The honeymoon period, however, is short-lived.

In season 3 of Never Have I Ever, do Fabiola and Aneesa part ways?

Aneesa and Fabiola tragically split up. Following their relationship, Fabiola and Aneesa repeatedly attempted to share their first kiss, but it just never happened.

However, Fabiola and Aneesa held out hope that they would eventually share their first kiss despite the first indication that they might be better off as friends rather than girlfriends.

Devi’s game night at her home is when everything falls apart. Des (Anirudh Pisharody) brings members of his debate team to the game night, and Aneesa observes how Fabiola is drawn to one of them.

She finds Addison to be the most attractive member (Terry Hu). Aneesa observes how shy Fabiola is around Addison as they say goodbye to him after the game night is over.

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Aneesa tells Fabiola to kiss her after Addison departs. No spark is present during their kiss. Then, Aneesa informs Fabiola that she believes they should just get along.

Initially opposed to the idea, Fabiola later comes to terms with the fact that their friendship is better for them.

As a couple, Aneesa and Fabiola had my favour. I believe that their relationship would have succeeded if the show had given them more time to delve deeper into one another’s lives.

My impression was that they clicked. In season four of Never Have I Ever, they might reconcile once more. If they do not, I hope they both do so before the series is over.

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