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Make It Clear to Congresswoman Clark That You Oppose Adding 87,000 New IRS Agents

My name is Caroline Colarusso, and in the upcoming election for the United States Congress, I will be opposing the incumbent, Katherine Clark.

I am urging every voter in the 5th Congressional District who has a modicum of common sense to contact the office of Congresswoman Clark and ask her to break ties with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and vote AGAINST the misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act.”

You can do this by calling or emailing the office. By increasing taxes by a total of 750 billion dollars over the next ten years, this plan will make the current economic downturn far worse, costing each American household an additional $4500 on average.

This bill accomplishes very little or nothing to limit inflation, but it does add 87,000 agents to the Internal Revenue Service for the goal of “tax enforcement and compliance.”

Put the IRS on the front lines of the fight against middle-class and small-business taxpayers by arming it with an additional 87,000 agents. Even though the Democrats like to speak about going after billionaires, there are just a few of them, and they don’t need 87,000 IRS agents to examine a few billionaires’ tax returns.

The newly hired agents at the IRS will focus their attention on taxpayers in the middle class. The law allocates more than $450 billion to fund energy efforts associated with the Green New Deal, which would further drive up our already expensive energy costs.

The bill would raise taxes on firms, especially those that manufacture goods. The United States is already perilously dependent on countries like China for its manufacturing needs.

This law will be detrimental to both existing and aspiring manufacturers, which will result in an increased reliance on our nation’s hostile foreign neighbours.

Remember when there was a mask shortage at the beginning of the COVID outbreak? China was the country that had the masks, not the United States.


Drug companies will likely increase prices for patients who do not have Medicare coverage, under the guise of reducing the cost of prescriptions for elderly patients by mandating rebates to Medicare.

In addition, these price controls will probably lead to less research and development, which will ultimately result in fewer desperately needed new life-saving drugs being developed.

This is unfortunate news for everyone. Already, our reliance on China for pharmaceuticals has reached unsustainable levels.

At this time, American families require assistance from the federal government, not more agents from the Internal Revenue Service to threaten them.

The economic strain that families are already experiencing should NOT be increased by members of Congress. The Internal Revenue Service already receives $4.1 trillion in tax payments from Americans each year.

Amid an economic downturn, the United States Congress should make it a top priority to focus on bolstering our armed forces, which are grossly understaffed and are experiencing recruitment rates that are at an all-time low.

This is a matter of concern relating to the nation’s security, and Congresswoman Clark ought to take it into consideration.

Given the increased aggression and hostility that has been displayed all over the world as a direct result of President Biden’s weak foreign policy, this poses a particularly grave risk to the United States.

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Although Congress is filled with progressives who are happy to raise taxes, it is important to note that not a single Republican Senator voted in favour of this bill. This is a clear indication of the danger posed by this legislation as well as the opposition of Republican senators as a group to raising taxes during a recession and arming the Internal Revenue Service.

This bill will not stimulate economic growth or innovation in the United States, and it will actually work to reduce the size of the economy. It will result in an increase in poverty.

The ridiculously misnamed Inflation Reduction Act is up for a vote today, Friday, August 12th, in the United States House of Representatives, where Congresswoman Clark and other representatives are scheduled to participate.

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