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First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive for Covid-19

First Lady Jill Biden is said to have been diagnosed with COVID-19 by members of her staff, and she is said to be displaying “moderate symptoms.”

Biden’s Communications Director Elizabeth Alexander said in a statement that was made on Tuesday that “after testing negative for COVID-19 on Monday during her regular testing regimen, the First Lady began to feel cold-like symptoms late in the evening.”

Biden’s Communications Director Elizabeth Alexander stated that after testing negative for COVID-19 on Monday, during her regular testing cadence, Another negative result was received from a rapid antigen test on her, but a positive result was obtained from a PCR test on her.

The First Lady has received two immunizations as well as two booster doses, and she has said that her symptoms have been rather mild thus far.


The rest of what Alexander had to say was as follows: “A course of [the antiviral medication] Paxlovid has been prescribed for her, and by the directions of the CDC, she will isolate herself from other people for at least five days.” It is strongly advised that she stays away from busy places as much as possible while she is undergoing treatment for her condition.

She added that Biden “is currently living at a distant place in South Carolina and would come home if she receives two consecutive negative COVID tests.” She also mentioned that Biden would return home if she received two negative COVID tests in a row.

She went on to say that Biden “would return home if she received a diagnosis of COVID.” [citation needed] She also stated the fact that phone calls had been made to members of the inner circle of the First Lady of the United States. As the meeting was coming to a close, she made this statement and added that “close connections of the First Lady had been called.”

According to sources from the Associated Press, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have been spending their time off on vacation in the state of South Carolina since the 10th of August.

Melania Trump has also been in South Carolina throughout this period. The President of the United States suffered from a case of COVID-19 that was deemed to be a “rebound” when he was unwell.

This took place after he had originally recovered from a moderate case of the virus, but then tested positive for the virus for a second time after it was confirmed that he was infected with it. However, the severity of the infection was much increased this time. It wasn’t until fairly recently that he was able to make a complete recovery from the initial condition that he was struggling with.

Paxlovid was also suggested to him as a means of assisting in the decrease of any symptoms that may have been present. It was urged to him that he take the medication.

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Even though President Biden’s COVID-19 test results came back negative as of Tuesday morning, the Associated Press reported that he will be wearing a mask indoors for the next ten days as a precaution against the disease.

According to a statement that was issued by the White House, “Consistent with CDC instructions because he is a close contact of the First Lady, he will mask for 10 days when indoors and near others, because he has been exposed to the illness” (This is because he is a close contact of the First Lady).

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