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The Plans That Queen Elizabeth Has in Place for Harry and Meghan “Cannot Be Moved,” According to Harry and Meghan

There was no intention to steer expectations one way or the other around Harry and Meghan getting or not getting an audience with the queen, according to sources at Buckingham Palace who spoke to The Daily Beast.

However, it is a simple fact that the week beginning September 5 is jam-packed with constitutional duties for the queen.

It is anticipated that Harry and Meghan will visit the United Kingdom on two separate occasions in September. On September 5, they will attend the One Young World 2022 Summit in Manchester, and on September 8, they will attend the WellChild Awards.

They will be in attendance at an Invictus Games event in Düsseldorf in the interim between these two dates. It is anticipated that they will remain in their Windsor residence, Frogmore Cottage; however, this has not been verified.

The most public aspect of the queen’s responsibilities during that week will be on September 6, when she will meet with Britain’s new prime minister in the audience and invite them to form a government.

The queen, who is known for her meticulous work ethic, will demand extensive briefing notes to prepare for her meeting with the new prime minister, who is most likely going to be a right-winger named Liz Truss.

Additionally, it is unlikely that she will welcome trifling domestic distractions as she prepares to anoint the woman who could potentially be her last prime minister.

She will probably want to spend a significant amount of time after the official activity reflecting on the meeting with the advisors and writing it in her personal journals. This is something that she will want to do.


Who could blame the queen if she appears to have become a little less enthusiastic about the possibility of a meeting?

In an interview for NBC Today with Hoda Kotb, Harry revealed that the last time he saw his grandmother, she had a habit of confiding in him about things that she wouldn’t tell any other member of the family.

He also revealed that he had been acting as if he were her guardian to ensure that she was surrounded by the “right people.”

Harry’s grandmother had a history of confiding in him about things that she wouldn’t tell any other member of the family

Very few people enjoy having their private talks broadcast on television, especially when it implies that other members of their family are incompetent or indifferent, especially when they are the queen of the country. If the queen gets bitten once, she might avoid being bitten a second time.

The fact that Harry and Meghan have selected this week for their tour may therefore provide the palace with an opportunity to avoid a meeting through the use of a practical mechanism.

There is no such thing as a simple rationale that can justify Harry not meeting up with his brother if it happens.

Consider the following as an illustrative illustration of how serious the conflict between William and Harry has become:

Even though their homes will be less than half a mile apart, as William will be moving to Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate in the coming weeks and Harry and Meghan are expected to stay at Frogmore Cottage, the brothers reportedly have “no plans” to see each other when Harry and Meghan come to the United Kingdom the following month.

The stunning allegation that “no plans to see the Cambridges” was made by The Daily Telegraph in a piece that was published Monday evening by its royal correspondent, Victoria Ward.

Strangely, the newspaper did not reference, even anonymously, its sources for the assertion.

Instead, it stated, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to see the Cambridges when they return to the United Kingdom next month, The Telegraph understands.”

Although it appeared from the wording that the assertion had originated from a briefing from the Sussex camp, the Sussexes made a commitment the previous year to ensure that their spokespeople would no longer offer off-the-record material to the media.

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The Daily Beast has no reason to assume that this policy of not offering anonymous comments is no longer in existence, which suggests that they did not make the remark.

However, their representatives would not be drawn into explicitly denying that they made the “no plans” comment.

According to a source in Buckingham Palace, the claim that “no plans” had been made was not made by them either. An email sent to Williams and Kate’s office requesting comment was not answered.

Even if the origin of the intelligence is unknown, very few people are going to question its veracity.

After the farce that was the Platinum Jubilee, in which William and Kate made no effort to meet Harry and Meghan in person and instead performed an official etiquette meeting, the thought that Prince William and Prince Harry would get together for a chat is hilarious.

engagement ceremony to take place in Cardiff on the same day as Lilibet’s birthday.

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