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Tax Payments in the FCT Leading To Improvements In Infrastructure: The FCT Internal Revenue Service

The city’s physical infrastructure is constantly being upgraded, and the Federal Capital Territory Inland Revenue Service (FCT-IRS) claims that this is because of the taxes locals pay to the federal government.

Acting FCT-IRS Chairman Mr Haruna Abdullahi made these remarks at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja.

He pleaded with FCT residents, urging them they must be more patriotic and tax compliant to aid the administration’s efforts to advance economic and infrastructure development in the territory.

If you’re successful in life, Abdullahi says you owe it to society to pay your taxes. People need to start thinking of this as something they must do as citizens.

While rebutting claims made in some quarters that taxes paid in Nigeria do not convert to the construction of infrastructure, Abdullahi highlighted the situation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as being different.

He says it’s pointless to worry about it because nothing will change, but I tell people to push it out of their minds and concentrate on what they can do to aid.

You must fulfil your civic duty by paying all taxes that are due.

What I want to know is whether or not you think the current Abuja infrastructure is inadequate.

But if something bad happens and you visit the police and the hospital, that shows that things are happening, but what have you, as a person, put into the basket?

If you contribute money to a cause and then find out that your contributions aren’t being used, it’s only fair that you question the leadership’s priorities.

They are living in Abuja, running businesses, and making plenty of money, but they aren’t putting anything into the basket, she added. You’re the one who poses the inquiries.

To address taxpayers’ worries, the FCT-IRS has pledged to hold comprehensive discussions.
If you take his word for it, where do you think the government will get the money to construct this infrastructure?


“I think it’s right that taxpayers everywhere contribute to the growth of their communities, nations, and states, and we’re working hard to ensure that this trend continues.

A question from Abdullahi: “You ought to do a civic duty; have you? Have you contributed to the fund where the government you are criticising is not allocating funds for infrastructure? “in which he answered, “You have a civic duty.”

He argued that people’s constitutional freedom to petition the government would be better protected if they complied with their tax obligations.

How well have you fulfilled your civic duty? including the questions “Have you done it?” and “Have you tried it?”

“Place it in a bowl of water and start asking questions. He explained that if you don’t pay your taxes, you can’t question anyone, but if you do, you have the right to question the government.

Another of his pet peeves was the idea of Nigerians investing their money abroad.

You’re not chipping in, but you’re happy to make money, probably take it out of the nation, and invest it somewhere, knowing well well that you’ll have to pay taxes on it as soon as it leaves the country.

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‘You are willing to pay taxes somewhere else but you are not willing to pay taxes at home,’ he said, “so I think these are all the notions or myths that we are trying to correct, especially in this year 2022.” Interestingly, you’re willing to pay taxes abroad but not at home.

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