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In Wyoming, the “Cheney Enchantment” Seems to Have Worn Off, in the Author’s Opinion

The Cheney name has long been synonymous with success in Wyoming. Dick Cheney was elected to the state’s single seat in the House of Representatives six times, where he eventually became a leader in the Republican Party before moving on to become defence secretary and finally vice president.

And it was just two years ago when his daughter, Representative Liz Cheney, earned 68 per cent of the vote as she easily won her third term in office.

However, on Tuesday, the fervent opponent of former President Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that he lost in 2020 faced a crushing defeat of her own in the Republican primary election.

Harriet Hageman, the candidate in the race who was sponsored by Donald Trump, won the primary election with 66% of the vote, while Dick Cheney received 28.9%.

According to an article that was written by CNN’s Harry Enten, the margin of defeat “appears to be the second worst for a House incumbent in the last 60 years,” when looking at elections where there was just one incumbent. Could there be any clearer sign that Trump enjoys the unwavering support of the party’s grassroots voters?


According to the observations of Arick Wierson and Bradley Honan, Liz Cheney made it quite plain in her barn burner of a concession speech that she does not want to ride off softly into the sunset.

“Rather, she intends to ‘do everything it takes to ensure that Donald Trump is never again anywhere near the Oval Office, and I mean it.'”

According to Wierson and Honan’s analysis, however, a Cheney candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2024 “would likely be nothing more than a continuous irritation” to Trump’s followers.

“The most astute course of action for Cheney would be to join the Biden administration in a specialized senior-level role where her mandate is crystal clear: coordinate the fight for free and fair elections and wage all-out war against the anti-American and anti-democratic forces that Trumpism has unleashed. Cheney is the model of a good crusader in this conflict.”

According to an article that Rich Lowry wrote for Politico, he saw that it “was a brave and honourable sacrifice. It is quite unusual for an elected figure to be willing to put their position in jeopardy for a cause that is held dear to their hearts.

Cheney went ahead and did it without any hesitation. She will be remembered warmly by history, and she will be better than other members of her party who have repeated or accepted lies only to retain or achieve political power. She will be remembered better than other members of her party.”

However, he suggested that Cheney running for president again in 2024 would be a waste of time and could potentially assist Trump’s chances.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post took a different approach to the question of 2024, suggesting that Cheney might be able to accomplish her objective if she can “Transform the partisan primary into a national crusade by recruiting Republicans, Democrats, and independents as allies in the fight against Trump.

To eliminate a one-of-a-kind danger to our democracy, we will need a core strategy that is completely different from anything else we have seen.”

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Cheney believes that Donald Trump is the greatest threat confronting our country now, larger than the slew of calamities that President Biden has unleashed since entering office, including the highest inflation in 40 years… He went on to say that “the vast majority of Republican lawmakers disagree.”

“The best method to convince Republican supporters to look beyond Donald Trump as their party’s nominee is not to criticize him, but rather to demonstrate to them that he is the man who has the lowest chance of winning the election in 2024.

To defeat Joe Biden should be the top goal for Republican voters. Because of this, nobody is interested in accompanying Liz Cheney on her suicide run.”

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