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The IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Use These Deductions and Credits

The Internal Revenue Service is sending out a reminder to taxpayers who have not yet submitted their federal income tax returns for the year 2021 to ensure that they claim all of the deductions and credits to which they are entitled and to submit their returns online as soon as possible.

“Every year, eligible taxpayers overlook money-saving deductions and credits that can help them with the cost of raising a family, paying for college, saving for retirement, or making a donation to charity,” said Chuck Rettig, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“These deductions and credits can help them with all of these things and more.” “We want to make certain that they are aware of all of the tax benefits for which they may be eligible.”


It has been estimated that the Internal Revenue Service received over 19 million requests for extensions to file until October 17 this year. Using IRS Free File, taxpayers who meet certain criteria can prepare and submit their returns without cost. Taxpayers who file their returns electronically and choose for direct deposit can potentially have their refunds processed more quickly. If they have a tax liability, putting in their return along with the complete payment eliminates the possibility of incurring any further interest or penalties. When a taxpayer has a tax refund coming to them, they are not subject to any penalties for failing to file their taxes.

On, taxpayers who haven’t filed their tax returns for 2021 yet can find filing advice and other information.

Before submitting their tax return for the year 2021, taxpayers are strongly encouraged by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to double-check that they have all of their year-end statements in hand. In addition to W-2s and 1099s, this includes two statements that were sent by the IRS: Letter 6419, which shows their total advance Child Tax Credit payments, and Letter 6475, which shows their total EIP3 payments. Both of these statements can be found below.

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Individuals can check the total amounts of their third round of Economic Impact Payments or advance Child Tax Credit payments by logging into their IRS Online Account.

Users on a personal level and commercial enterprises alike have access to use this function in their daily lives. If a married couple got their payments jointly, then both partners will need to enter their respective accounts in order to get the sums that are legally theirs. This is because the payments were received jointly.

By going online to the website, taxpayers can get answers to inquiries regarding taxes, download tax forms and instructions, and have access to easy tax software.

They are able to make use of these resources to acquire assistance whenever it is required, regardless of whether it is required at home, at work, or when they are travelling.

This applies regardless of where the assistance is wanted: at home, at work, or while they are travelling. In any circumstance in which assistance of this kind is required, it is possible to acquire it.

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