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Anthony Fauci Will Resign as US Medical Adviser at Year’s End

Anthony Fauci, the leading expert on infectious diseases in the United States, said that he would retire in December, capping nearly four decades of service after rising to fame during the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the meantime, a recent poll revealed that Republicans were uniting around Donald Trump in the wake of the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago, while Democratic voters revealed unexpected enthusiasm for the impending midterm elections.

The revelation of Fauci’s departure was applauded by conservatives, but House Republicans hinted they would demand explanations from him if they won back control of the chamber after the midterm elections.

The Associated Press writes that in rural Texas, the environment for poll workers has gotten so poor that the entire election department of a remote county resigned weeks before the midterm elections.

The officials claimed they didn’t want to recreate the experience of being threatened and harassed for doing their jobs in the predominantly Republican Gillespie County, which largely supported Trump in the 2020 election.

Following the adoption of a stringent election rule last year, which resulted in thousands of mail-in ballot applications being rejected in recent polls, voters have difficulty casting legitimate ballots across the state.

In addition to Hamilton, the sole another full-time election worker in rural Gillespie County departed this month shortly before the midterm elections in November. Less than 70 days before voters begin casting ballots, the entire municipal elections department was abruptly empty.

A metal structure extension off the main road in Fredericksburg housing the elections office was dark and empty by the middle of last week. In a window by the entryway, a sign reading “Your Vote Counts” was hung.

There is currently a rush to train replacements and ingrain them in the layers of new, one of the harshest in the country, Texas voting regulations.

Included is assistance from the Texas Secretary of State, whose spokeswoman could not recall a similar scenario in which an elections office was scrambling to hire a brand-new staff. However, the headaches continue after that.


As a result of the resignations, the county of around 27,000 people, which heavily supported former President Donald Trump in 2020, has become a striking illustration of the consequences of threats against election workers.

Officials and experts on voting are concerned that in November, encouraged by bogus allegations of major fraud, there may be a new wave of harassment or worse.

Hamilton, who has fought with election observers in the past in Gillespie County, said he didn’t want to go through it again.

The affidavit supporting the FBI’s entry into Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, where they were looking into possible illegal government secrets kept by former president Donald Trump, is being requested for public release by news organizations and others. Bruce Reinhart is the magistrate judge handling these requests.

At a court hearing last week, he appeared receptive toward at least partially releasing the document, but he suddenly seems to have altered his mind. See more from HuffPost here:

distributing a censored version of the affidavit that has the identities of FBI agents, witnesses, and investigational information obscured. Before deciding whether to disclose that version or suggest his own, he gave prosecutors until Thursday to give him these redactions.

On Monday, Reinhart stated that he might come to the conclusion that the prosecution was right when they claimed that the required redactions would render what was left both insufficient in terms of content and context.

At this time, Reinhart said, “I cannot declare that partial redactions will be so extensive as to produce a meaningless disclosure, but I may ultimately reach that determination after hearing more from the government.

The judge argued that releasing the entirety of the affidavit would harm the ongoing criminal investigation by disclosing the identities of witnesses and the methods used in the investigation.

This could result in “obstruction of justice and witness intimidation or retaliation” in the first case and harm prosecutors’ ability to continue gathering evidence in the second.

Both of those defences were presented by attorneys for the Department of Justice in their written submission and at the hearing last week.

The affidavit’s release would make information about Mar-a-physical Lago’s layout public, according to Reinhart, which would make the Secret Service’s task of protecting the former president more challenging. This is Reinhart’s new argument.

On top of last year’s Covid-19 relief law and revamp of the country’s infrastructure, the Democratic-controlled Congress has recently been able to pass significant legislation addressing health care prices, combating climate change, and increasing semiconductor production.

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So, what will the Democratic Party do when it returns from recess to begin what may be their final months in control of both chambers of Congress? Joe Biden will get the opportunity to make his mark on the country’s judiciary since the Senate is reportedly speeding up the process of approving federal judges.

Although the confirmations wouldn’t change the conservative supreme court majority, selecting Democratic-aligned judges to the lower echelons of the federal judiciary increases the likelihood that laws and policies from across the nation will withstand legal challenges.

As a result of high inflation and Biden’s dismal approval ratings, the party may lose control of the chamber in a matter of months, and the next Republican majority may decide to stop appointing judges altogether.

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