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Leann Rimes Donned a Costume From 22 Years Ago in “Coyote Ugly”

LeAnn Rimes has just proven to the rest of us ordinary mortals that she is aware of the hidden location of the fountain of youth.

The 39-year-old country singer reenacted her part from the film Coyote Ugly, which she played in the year 2000, for pop star Ava Max’s most recent music video… and she’s even wearing the same outfit that she wore in the movie!

A preview for Ava’s new single “Million Dollar Baby” was revealed on TikTok on Friday (August 26), and it has LeAnn dancing on top of a bar while wearing the snakeskin leggings and dazzling crop top that she wore in the cult classic film that was released 22 years ago!

She is a miracle, and her name is LeAnn Rimes Cibrian.

LeAnn’s representatives have confirmed to TooFab that the gorgeous gown is the identical one that she wore in Coyote Ugly.

Because the song borrows “Can’t Fight the Moonlight,” one of four of LeAnn’s songs that appear on the soundtrack of the movie, it would indicate that the “Blue” crooner agreed to perform in the video.

Ava went so far as to give LeAnn credit by praising her in the description of her TikTok post by writing, “She’s a miracle.

Ava’s other TikTok video features the “Sweet but Psycho” hitmaker trying on a variety of clothing while lip-syncing to “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.”

Ava uploaded this video. Suddenly, LeAnn walks in wearing clothing that is several decades old, and as she is dancing around with Ava, she begins lip-syncing as well. As Ava commented on her Instagram page, “my Coyote dream came true!! @leannrimes,” the Grammy winner looks simply gorgeous.


A new music video features LeAnn Rimes and pop diva Ava Max, and the singer is seen wearing the same attire that she wore in the “Coyote Ugly” music video.

LeAnn has stated in the past that playing the character required her to act considerably older than her actual age, so it should come as no surprise that she appeared to be rather mature in the movie, even though she was just 17 at the time.

In the year 2020, she shared with ET that she had “tried to be this hot singer playing on a bar,” but that “it was completely contrary of me.” “At the time, I was really acting because I was still working through all of that concerning myself.”

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And working on the production was a big help in figuring it out. LeAnn was quoted as saying at the time that her team’s goal up until that point was to “maintain my image as innocent as possible.”

The speaker shared their thoughts by saying, “I was kind of like, ‘Ta-da,’ [at] the chains being broken off of a teenage girl.” It was the appropriate action to do.”

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