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Having a child, according to Remy Ma, helps “keep things spicy” in her marriage to Papoose. “It’s Not Hard,”

In May, Remy Ma and Papoose celebrated the completion of fourteen years of marriage, and it appears that their love for one another is just growing stronger. “With the kids’ aid, we’re able to keep things nice and spicy!” In a recent episode of the HollywoodLife Podcast, Remy addressed this while talking about her marriage to Papoose and parenting their daughter Reminisce MacKenzie, who is now four years old. “When we hug, she will always want in on the hug, just as she wants in on the date, just as she wants in on everything! Therefore, as soon as she falls asleep, it’s time to pack up and get out of here! We have to make an effort to get it in wherever we can make room for it, you know?”

“We’ve spent time in closets!” laughed the famed rapper. Hiding! When you have a child, it’s actually quite simple, but it’s very hot! However, Remy acknowledged that juggling motherhood, career, and marriage at the same time is “not simple.” “It’s challenging, but it’s something that we as mothers are obligated to do. We have to figure out how to work while we are pregnant, how to manage work and school, how to work and being a wife, and how to work as a carpenter, a chef, a gardener, and all of these other things that just fall on our plates as women, as moms, and as wives,” she explained. “We have to figure out how to work as a carpenter, a chef, a gardener, and all of these other things that just fall on our plates as “It’s nothing more than a routine activity for us.”


The multi-hyphenate has lately started acting, and she is presently the host of My True Crime Story on VH1, which will premiere its second season on Monday, August 29th. “I think the first-person component of it, when we get to hear from the people who are actually involved in everything, the before, the through, and the after, as well as the ‘Where Are They Now?’ aspect. “These are crimes, but they’re not something that’s so crazy that they paint them as these villains,” Remy said. “These are the people who committed these crimes.” “To a certain extent, you could kind of understand how it got to where it is,”

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Her personal experience with incarceration and redemption has changed her views of the criminal justice system and encouraged her to get involved with projects like My True Crime Story. The Grammy-nominated rapper was sentenced to eight years in prison following an incident in 2007. Her conviction was the result of an incident that occurred in 2007. “As someone who has been through it and whose life has been directly impacted by the criminal justice system, I can say without a doubt that there is no “reform.” Deconstructing, dismantling, eradicating, and starting over from scratch with the installation are all necessary steps. On the programme, Remy expressed his sentiments exactly like that. “If I have to accept reform, then that’s great with me. However, in the end, there are really a great many things that are incorrect. My impression is that it is a system that has been in existence for a significant amount of time, but things have changed during that period of time; the times are different, people are different, and other things have shifted. In my opinion, it is necessary to begin the process all over again from the very beginning.

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