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Learn Everything There Is to Know About Lizzo’s Boyfriend, Myke Wright, and Their Relationship Here.

Lizzo is quickly ascending the ranks of superstardom after the recent release of her newest album, which coincided with her performance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The 34-year-old hitmaker of “About Damn Time” has also got a few acting credits on her record, so the sky is the limit for her career in the entertainment industry (don’t sleep on her little but delightful appearance in Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez). Now it seems that the Grammy winner has solved the mystery behind her sizzling love life by finding the missing piece of the puzzle. Check out the following to learn more about Lizzo’s boyfriend, Myke Wright!

Myke Wright was born and raised in the city of Detroit.
Myke is a native of the city of Detroit, located in the state of Michigan. According to VoyageLA, throughout his childhood his parents encouraged his creative side by enrolling him in “acting camps, guitar courses, art shows, and live performances.” Myke and three other pals from high school came together to establish an all-black band that they called The Grey Level. Phresh Heir is the name of the alternative hip hop group that he founded later on. According to what he shared with the publication, “we didn’t feel like our music was black or white.” “Everything that we enjoyed listening to and having fun sharing with other people was incorporated into our music. People were able to connect with it because it was genuine.

He moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.
In the year 2012, Myke made the decision to venture into the world of stand-up comedy by taking a leap of faith and relocating from his hometown to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. Myke said to VoyageLA that it was refreshing for him to begin something new in a another place, away from anything that was familiar to him. There is a great deal of room for inventiveness, investigation, and the use of one’s imagination.


His standup routines led to him gaining a small but dedicated fan base and landing appearances on Laughs and Adam Devine’s House Party. He told the news source that there is “no better feeling” than to smile out into a sea of thousands of people and see them all smiling back to you. “There’s no better feeling than that,” he said. The expertise gained on stage would also lead to acting roles in films such as How to Be a Grown Up and Doubting Thomas, as well as in the short film Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus.

Myke, who possesses a wide range of skills, is also a designer!
Myke’s design aesthetic has even been incorporated into EMLE, a Detroit-based premium clothing business, demonstrating the breadth and depth of his creative capabilities. According to VoyageLA, he has also launched his own business under the name ümi. The company describes itself as a “design and innovation company focused on improving the quality of human life through products and experience.” “Make your life more than just long,” is something that my mum would often tell me. “I truly did give that a lot of thought,” Myke said to the publication. “The goal of ümi is to bring together the most intelligent people and come up with practical solutions to the challenges that humanity faces.”

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Myke had known Lizzo for a long time before they started dating.
When Myke and Lizzo were both selected to host the music series Wonderland on MTV in 2016, it was then that they first crossed paths. In the year 2021, after spending the evening together at dinner in Beverly Hills, the two are now the subject of romantic speculation. In April of 2022, Lizzo was no longer able to conceal the fact that she was romantically involved with Myke, and she disclosed this information to Andy Cohen on the show Radio Andy that he hosts on SiriusXM. When asked if her fame gets in the way of her dating life, she responded, “No, not at all if you have the proper person.” It is not even relevant to consider. It need to be supportive of each other regardless of what actions that person takes.”

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