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Penelope Disick, age 10, Stars in Glam Video Set to Kanye West Song in Which She Puts Her Aunt Kylie’s Makeup On.

Penelope Disick, age 10, clearly takes after the rest of the women in her family when it comes to her fascination with cosmetics. The only child of Kourtney Kardashian, who is 43 years old, recently posted a video online in which she danced and glammed it up to the tune of Kanye West’s song “All Falls Down.” P appeared to be a total pro, which is not surprising given that she spends each day in the company of the glam teams that are employed by her family.

Penelope utilised a limited amount of makeup for the TikTok video because she kept it simple by only using a few different items. She started by applying moisturiser to her face and then putting a headband with a lovely pink bow through her light brown hair. After that, she continued with her routine by following the instructions for the Kosas Revealer Concealer and applying it in a methodical manner to her under-eye area, cheeks, and forehead. And of course, being the experienced makeup artist that she is, she utilised a Beauty Blender in order to evenly distribute the product across her face.

After applying the concealer, she proceeded to adorably accent her eyes with eyeshadow, this time utilising the I Heart Revolution Elf movie eyeshadow palette. In the following part of the glam regimen, she applied some of her aunt’s makeup using some of her aunt’s makeup supplies! The next step that Penelope took was to apply Kylie Jenner’s Glow Balm to her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. The daughter of Scott Disick, 39, also completed her outfit with a light pink hue of Kylie’s Gloss Drip lip gloss. And before P was completely finished with her make-up, she applied mascara to her eyelashes as the last step in her beauty routine.


The preteen girl wore adorable pyjamas with deer on them as she did her makeup because she did not like to get dressed right away. The cute pyjamas also said “CAMP NORTH,” and they were a souvenir from the extravagant ninth birthday party that her cousin North West had for herself in June. Kim Kardashian, now 41 years old, uploaded pictures to Instagram at the time of the camping-themed birthday party for North.

P was seen hanging out with her dad, Scott, and cousin, North, at their house just one day prior to the release of her glam-themed TikTok video. The three friends spent the 25th of August hanging out at home and drinking tea together. Tea time was the caption that Scott chose to accompany the adorable snapshot that he posted to his Instagram account of the hangout session.

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Penelope, 10, Reign, 7, and Mason Disick, 12, are Kourt and Scott’s three children together. Penelope is the eldest. The founder of Poosh has also moved on, as she recently tied the knot with Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink 182, on May 15 in Italy.

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