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Viserys’s Marriage Surprises Rhaenyra in “House of the Dragon”

King Viserys has a lot on his plate over the entirety of Westeros. The Crabfeeder is causing a stir at the Stepstones, just as Corlys had predicted she would.

Corlys is frustrated because some of his ships have been destroyed. He intends to use brute force to grab control of the Stepstones and put an end to the Crabfeeder once and for all. During the meeting with the tiny council, Viserys expresses his desire to avoid starting a war so close to the Free Cities.

During the gathering, Rhaenrya raises her voice and mentions the fact that they have a ddragon riderwho they may use as a display of power against the Crabfeeder.

This is something that Otto cautions against, and the other men don’t seem to take her seriously. Rhaenyra is given the responsibility of selecting the next person to join the Kingsguard. Ser Criston Cole immediately piques her interest, and she makes her decision based on this. Otto cautions her about acting too quickly, but she has already made up her mind.

Alicent maintains her relationship with Viserys by spending time with him. He is concerned about Rhaenyra’s wwell-beingafter learning of the loss of her mother.

AAliceurges him to have a conversation with his daughter in the hopes that it will help them heal their connection. Alicent is instructed by Viserys to keep their conversations a secret. He is under the impression that Rhaenyra would not comprehend them.

After some time has passed, Alicent and Rhaenyra have their own conversation. Rhaenyra is sceptical that her father’s selection of her as his heir was motivated solely by altruism when he made the decision.

She is under the impression that the only reason he chose her is to exclude Daemon. Rhaenyra is given permission by Alicent to allow her feelings to take over for a small pperiodafter the former begs the latter to pray with her.

Rhaenyra has acknowledged that one of her deepest desires is for her father to recognise her for more than simply the role of his little child.

Rhaenys Warns Rhaenyra About Her Future

Corlys and Rhaenys approach Viserys with their request to speak with him. Corlys warns Viserys that their adversaries are keeping an eye on the Red Keep, particularly in light of the recent events surrounding the death of the queen and Daemon’s occupation of Dragonstone without opposition. Rhaenys continues by saying that it appears as though the crown is in danger right now.

Corlys is working toward bringing the houses of Targaryen and Velaryon together. Laena, the little daughter of Corlys and Rhaenys, is presented to Viserys as a potential second wife by her parents.

They encourage him to find another wife so that he might have more heirs. Viserys is obviously on the fence about the proposition.

During supper, Rhaenyrs and Viserys make an effort to find common ground with one another. She brings up the idea of speaking out during the meeting of the little council, but he swiftly assures her that she will rapidly learn the ins and outs of political manoeuvring in due time.

After some time has passed, Viserys tells Otto about the notion that Rhaenys and Corlys had. Right away, Otto is under the impression that Corlys has gone too far.

The only thing that concerns Viserys is whether or not it is a good plan. Viserys is concerned about Rhaenyra’s reaction, deven thoughOtto has pointed out that the union of Viserys and Laena would bring together two powerful Valyrian dynasties.

Viserys and young Laena go on a stroll while Corlys, Rhaenys, and Rhaenyra observe from a distance. Laena delivers her message to Viserys in a well-rehearsed speech, stating that it would be a “great honour” to merge their houses.

The little girl, who is only 12, assures him that she will give him “many children.” Viserys is fully conscious of the impropriety of this action. This young lady is only a youngster.

Rhaenys inquires of Rhaenyra as to whether or not she is troubled by the fact that Viserys has found himself another wife. Rhaenyra is taken aback by the questioning that is being asked.

Rhaenys freely confesses that the situation irritates her, but she recognises that this is the natural order of things.

“I’m not sure you do,” Rhaenys says to Rhaenyra. When it comes to what lies in store for Rhaenyra in the years to come, Rhaenys doesn’t pull any punches.

The next marriage for Viserys will most likely result in the birth of a male heir. The men of this realm will conspire to have her half-sibling ascended to the throne so he can reign over her.

Rhaenyra makes the proclamation that when she becomes queen, she will establish a new order. Rhaenys makes the witty observation that the male population of the Realm would rather carry a torch to the Realm than see a woman ascend to the throne. She continues, “And your father is no idiot either.”


The Demonstration of Force That Rhaenyra Performs is a Triumph

Alicent is confronted by Viserys with the topic of getting married. He has not yet made up his mind about what to do.

As a present, Alicent bestows upon him a dragon carved out of stone. Otto cuts them off in the middle of their chat because there is an urgent meeting of a tiny council.

In a note that he left for Viserys, Daemon, who has control of Dragonstone, claims that he is the “rightful heir” to a dragon egg that he took and that he has taken.

Daemon asserts that he has a second wife named Maria, who is expecting a child with him. The wedding will take place in two days.

Rhaenyra inquires about the dragon egg that Daemon took. It’s Dreamfyre, the same one she picked out for Prince Baelon’s rocking chair. Viserys have expressed interest in travelling to Dragonstone, but Otto has denied his request. Instead of that, he will go.

Otto lands at Dragonstone. Daemon approaches him while there and carelessly places the dragon egg in his hand. Otto issues a command to Daemon, telling him to stand down.

Daemon is adamant that he will not give up on Maria. When Otto explains that choosing violence is the same as declaring war, Daemon has absolutely no objection to the concept.

Otto asks Daemon if he would really want that if it meant sacrificing Mysaria and their unborn child, and Daemon draws his blade at this point in the conversation.

They are startled as they hear a sound off in the distance. Rhaenyra shows up riding Syrax. She has arrived to put an end to the bloodshed. She doesn’t hesitate in any way and walks straight up to Daemon.

They start communicating with one another in Valyrian. When Rhaenyra investigates further, she finds out that Maria is not pregnant after all.

Rhaenyra says to Daemon, “If you wish to be restored as heir, you’ll need to kill me.” Daemon has no intention of doing so. She calls Daemon on his pretence. After he has walked away, he tosses the dragon egg to her.

Rhaenyra mounts Syrax once more and rides off, demonstrating to Otto Hightower that she is capable of playing the role of a leader and genuine ruler.

It seems that Daemon’s entire strategy was just a sham all along. Maria is incensed because Daemon lied to her.

He gave her his word that he would look out for her, but she does not feel secure right now. She has never desired anything more than to be set free from her anxiety. She has no interest in being entangled in the power struggles and political intrigue that plague Westeros.

The Revealing of Viserys The New Wife of He

Viserys consults with one of his trusted advisors over the possibility of marrying Laena. He is instructed to wed Laena to firmly establish Corlys as a lifelong ally on his side.

Viserys finds out about Rhaenyra’s major confrontation with Daemon amid the conversation that is currently taking place. Viserys’s irritation with Rhaenyra is plain to see.

After all, she is the sole heir to his estate. He makes the decision to seize this opportunity to bring up the subject of marriage once more. Viserys responds, “I do not desire to make us estranged from one another.”

Rhaenyra is aware that his first responsibility is to the Realm, and he is convinced that Laena will one day become his wife.

In front of the little council, Viserys declares his plan to take a new wife, and it is not Laena. It has been decided that he will wed Alicent. Corlys loses her cool and storms out of the room.

Alice casts her gaze over Rhaenyra, who appears to be on the verge of crying. Rhaenyra is completely silent when she is around anyone, including her father.

As she leaves the room, she suddenly realises that her goals are even further out of reach than they were before. It is now highly possible that one of her closest acquaintances will give birth to male heirs. Rhaenys’ words must be tormenting Rhaenyra.

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Corlys will not accept being disregarded in any way. He chooses to go meet Daemon. He brings up the Stepstones as well as the fact that he has not been granted permission to send his navy there.

It is important to Corlys that his trade routes remain open. Should that occur, his household will be in shambles.

He is interested in cooperating with Daemon so that they might achieve victory together. According to Corlys, this will be Daemon’s opportunity to demonstrate his value to anyone who may have doubts about it.

The stakes in this game of thrones have just been raised to an entirely new level.

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