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An Antique Store Found a Naked Sylvester Stallone “Latex Nightmare”

In an antique shop in Australia, a shopper and her husband came across a peculiar movie prop used by Sylvester Stallone that was being offered for sale for about $4,000.

According to Newsweek, ceramicist Bae Bellingham was antiquing in Katoomba, New South Wales, with her husband when she discovered the naked latex copy of Stallone in the store’s basement.

“My husband and I were away for a couple of nights at Katoomba,” stated Bellingham. “We had a wonderful time there.” It’s a strange place to live, and the Katoomba Vintage Emporium is one of the most peculiar antique shops in the area. I took a picture of a strange doll that was screaming downstairs, and I thought to myself, “yes, that is the strangest find of the day.”

Bellingham uploaded the photos to Instagram, but she later removed the upsetting images because she had no idea what they were at the time. On the other hand, photographs of the prop quickly gained more than 11,700 likes and became popular on Twitter.

Fans of Sly Stallone immediately recognized the item from the 1993 action film “Demolition Man,” starring Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock. In that film, the latex dummy of Stallone’s character, John Spartan, was placed into cryogenic sleep.
When ceramicist Bae Bellingham was out shopping with her husband in the town of Katoomba, located in the state of New South Wales, she discovered the naked latex imitation of Stallone that was hiding in the basement of the store.
Bae Bellingham, a ceramicist, was out shopping with her husband in Katoomba, New South Wales when she discovered the naked latex imitation of Sylvester Stallone in the basement of the business.
A user on Twitter by the name of Adam Howes has confirmed that the item was one of the dozens that were sold to the Planet Hollywood restaurant franchise. The prop is said to have been hung on a ceiling while being coated in plastic “ice.”


“During the 1990s, prop copies of Sylvester Stallone’s cryogenically frozen character in ‘Demolition Man’ hung from the ceilings of Planet Hollywood restaurants,” Howes writes. “The character was played by Sylvester Stallone.”

After some time had passed, he commented to Newsweek that “it’s safe to conclude that its origin was the Sydney Planet Hollywood.”

Only two Planet Hollywood locations debuted in Australia, but both of them were shut down for good in the year 2002. “But after they went bankrupt, it stayed on the premises which became the Star Bar until it sealed its doors in 2020,” Howes recalled. “It was there till then.”

In the 1990s, replicas of the cryogenically frozen character played by Sylvester Stallone in the movie Demolition Man could be found hanging from the ceilings of Planet Hollywood restaurants.

The 1993 action film “Demolition man” included the usage of various different dummies, including the one in question.

Bellingham conceded that she was not exactly the most committed admirer of Stallone’s cinematic oeuvre: “I have never seen ‘Demolition Man,’ ” she revealed. “I have never seen any of his movies.”

“I am that aggravating person who can never recall the name of any movie or the key narrative points of any movie… But despite this latex nightmare, I was able to identify the man in the mask as Sylvester Stallone.

The dummy, according to Bellingham, was a “vehicle disaster you simply can’t look away from,” but he is optimistic that the prop will find a new home regardless of this description.

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She remarked that “they claim there is a market for anything; you simply have to find the audience.” “I should probably receive a discount from the Emporium.”

In the meantime, the real-life Sylvester Stallone is going through a real-life nightmare of his own: the Oscar winner is in the middle of a contentious divorce from his wife of 25 years, Jennifer Flavin.

On the professional front, Paramount+ has released the first look at Sylvester Stallone in the role of a New York mafia capo in his upcoming series “Tulsa King.”

The legendary actor will play the role of crime boss Dwight “The General” Manfredi in the new drama that will be created by Taylor Sheridan, who is also known for creating “Yellowstone,” “Mayor of Kingstown,” and “1883.”

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