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Warner Bros. Sources Think ‘justice League’ Shouldn’t Have Been Made

The vast majority of devoted DC Comics fans view Warner Bros. Studios as the most formidable adversary, and the public’s reaction to the purported dissatisfaction of the studio with the Snyder cut of Justice League is not likely to be positive.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was finally given a streaming spot on HBO Max, granting the fans’ request after years of fan outrage and demand for Zack Snyder’s original vision for Justice League to be accomplished.

On the other hand, things were not all sunshine and roses behind the scenes, as a recent piece from Variety outlines the internal conflict at Warner Bros. surrounding the film’s recut.

The expense of reshooting the picture was around the same as the budget for the recently shelved Batgirl movie, which was $70 million.


In the wake of yet another set of highly publicized scandals, such as the ones involving Batgirl, Batman: The Caped Crusader, and Scooby-Doo, the production company is amassing an increasing number of critics from among the people who would otherwise make up its core fanbase.

These critics include the aforementioned Batgirl, Batman: The Caped Crusader, and Scooby-Doo. According to a report published by Variety, which quotes numerous industry insiders, many of these individuals believe that the release of the Snyder edit was a net negative for the studio because it did not succeed in calming the SnyderVerse crowds and instead caused greater animosity towards Warner Bros. and DC.

If it is even feasible to win back those vociferous SnyderVerse fans, the studio, which is now a newly amalgamated business titled Warner Bros. Discovery, has a major hurdle ahead of it to do so.

They have had some success, such as reconnecting with Ben Affleck for the film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom; but, just two weeks after the release of the good news, the production of the movie was once again put back.

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Even now, the decision to terminate Batgirl is the one that hurts the most, and the general public has a negative view of David Zaslav, the newly appointed CEO of the corporation.

Batgirl was a popular character in the comic book series. The television programme “Batgirl” centred on Barbara Gordon, a female superhero, and followed her adventures.

When one takes all of this into consideration, in addition to adding to it the encyclopaedia of drama that comes with Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen in The Flash, one is left wondering what the future holds for DC businesses.

Black Adam, which will be the next film in this franchise to be shown in theatres and features Dwayne Johnson and has a release date of October 21 and is set to be the next DC picture to be released in theatres, is getting closer and closer to making its debut in theatres and will be the next film in this franchise to do so.

Black Adam is set to be the next DC picture to be released in theatres. The 21st of October is the day when the movie will be in theatres.

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