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Dark Winds Season 2 Cast, Plot, and Release Date Rumours

Dark Winds is a crime drama that takes place in the American Southwest during the 1970s and focuses on two detectives named Leaphorn and Chee.

To solve a puzzling double homicide case, they are compelled to confront their personal histories as well as their spiritual beliefs.

Dark Winds is a twist on the traditional detective story, with elements of witchcraft and psychological tension added in.

All of the action takes place in the Navajo Nation.

It’s all quite spicy, and in the first season, we saw some supernatural goings-on, a robbery, and an ending that left many TV fans screaming for more, so the cliffhanger factor is high.

Now don’t worry because The Digital Fix is here to assist you. That’s right, we’ve done some sleuthing of our own and are now prepared to reveal all of the information and particulars of the Dark Winds season 2 premiere date, the actors, the plot, and other relevant information.

Prepare yourselves, everyone, because we are going to blow the lid off of this mystery.

Wonderful news, my friends! The production of Dark Winds season 2 has been unmistakably greenlit, and its premiere is anticipated for the year 2023.

However, we are not yet aware of the precise date when the series will begin airing on our televisions.

A new season of the television show will begin on June 21, 2022, according to an announcement made by AMC.

Additionally, we are aware that there will be a total of six episodes in the following instalment.

Once filming of the show has begun, we ought to have a better understanding of the production schedule that will be followed.

If, on the other hand, production is organised in the same way as it was for the first season, our best bet is that season 2 will premiere either in June or July of 2023.

Having said that, this is merely conjecture, so you should take it with a grain of salt.

At this time, we are still looking forward to an official announcement coming from the team behind the series.

Keep your eyes peeled on this guide in the meanwhile as we wait for further updates to be added.

Even though we do not yet have an official storyline summary for Dark Winds season 2, thanks to some tantalising cliffhangers from the first season, we can begin to construct a picture in our heads of what the next chapter will be like.

While watching the first season of Dark Winds, we were treated to several shocking revelations, and we also witnessed several violent acts.

It turned out that Whatever had been a con artist for a very long time, and that he had been stalking the Buffalo society to steal their money rather than bringing them to court.

It is also disclosed that Chee was dispatched to the reservation to serve as Whitover’s scapegoat; hence, both the promotion and the pay increase were completely fictitious; talk about low-life behaviour!

Well, Whatever doesn’t get away with his big plan completely because Guy shoots him, and Bernadette and Chee help cover up the murder by dragging Whitover’s body and the stolen money into a cave and blowing it up.

This allows them to cover up the fact that they killed Whatever.

The first season also witnessed the passing of James Tso, who chose to end his life by hanging himself rather than turning himself in and facing the consequences of his actions.

That’s a lot of weight, right?

After everything that Chee went through, he has finally made it back to his hometown and has quit his job at the FBI.

Since we last left him, a few months have passed. But Leaphorn needs to wrap up some unfinished business with the investigation, so he goes to Chee’s house and knocks on the door.

It turns out that only Whitover’s body was found in the cave, which means that Frank Nakai, who was thought to have been killed by Whitover in the cave before all of these events, is actually alive and made off with the money.

Since only Whitover’s body was found in the cave, this means that Whatever was wrong with Frank Nakai being killed in the cave.

There is a good chance that Chee will go back to work for the police department at the beginning of season 2 to wrap up the investigation, which is not yet finished.

It is still possible to find Nakai. We have little doubt that further narratives will also be presented.

As a result of the fact that Dark Winds is based on Anthony Grove Hillerman’s book series Leaphorn & Chee, which consists of a total of 18 books, the writers of Dark Winds season 2 have a wealth of material from which to draw inspiration for the upcoming season.


The first season of the show was adapted from Listening Woman and People of Darkness, two of Hillerman’s books that are part of a series.

In an interview with Variety, the show’s creator, Graham Roland, said that the cast and crew have already decided upon the source novel that they would be adapting for the next season of the show.

Having said that, he did not provide any hints as to which title or title it is at this time.

Best of the fantasy films feature witchcraft.

“Even when we were filming the first season, we spent a lot of time discussing the second season and which book we would tackle next.

He stated that we had decided on one candidate.

“I’m not sure if I’m permitted to reveal what book it is,” the narrator said.

I don’t want to be impolite to the new person in charge of the show.

But that’s kind of how we do things around here—one book per season.

Keep an eye on this page because we will be sure to update you with any new information as soon as we learn of any developments in the situation.

There is no way that we can have Dark Winds without our two main detectives, is that correct? It is therefore certain that Zahn McClarnon will reprise his role as Joe Leaphorn, and that Kiowa Gordon will be ready to make an appearance in the role of Jim Chee, regardless of whether it rains or shines.

We also anticipate seeing Jessica Matten reprise her role as Bernadette Manuelito and Deanna Allison reprise her role as Emma Leaphorn when they return.

Since we’ve already established that Nakai isn’t actually dead, we’re willing to wager that Eugene Brave Rock will make an appearance in the new episodes playing the role of Frank at some point.

The following actors are slated to appear in episodes of the second season of Dark Winds:

Joe Leaphorn is played by Zahn McClarnon.

Kiowa Gordon assuming the role of Jim Chee

Jessica Matten as Bernadette Manuelito

Rainn Wilson stars as the faithful Dan.

Rob Tepper as Pete Samuels

Sally Growing Thunder is portrayed by Elva Guerra.

Jeremiah Bitsui as Hoskin

Emma portrayed by Deanna Allison

Eugene Brave Rock as Frank Nakai

Since it is very clear that Whitover has passed away, it is quite improbable that Noah Emmerich will come back.

Don’t worry, though; we anticipate that some brand new people will step up to fill the big gap that he has left behind.

Keep an eye on this space as the cast list for Dark Winds season 2 continues to expand; new cast members for the upcoming second season are likely to be revealed at some point shortly.

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And that’s all there is to it, guys! Everything that we know about the release date, characters, and more for the upcoming second season of Dark Winds.

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