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David Beckham Laughs as Victoria Beckham Vomits on a Roller Coaster

The video that Victoria Beckham uploaded to TikTok on August 28 began with her saying, “So, we’re here in Aspen.”

In the video, Victoria, who is 48 years old, sat in front of David Beckham, her husband, as they rode on an amusement park ride together.

She questioned her husband, “David, what are we doing?” in response to which David, who was 47 at the time, said, “You tell me.

” We’re going to ride a roller coaster.” “We’re going to ride a roller coaster.”

The former member of the girl group Posh Spice admitted in the video that she used to be “so scared” of roller coasters.

Victoria screams, “OH MY GOD. STOP. NO-NO-NO! She struggled to keep her lunch down while muttering, “I FEEL SICK.”

Trying to get over my biggest fear, which is literally anything that even remotely resembles a rollercoaster!

I get the impression that @davidbeckham is really reveling in this experience.


“OH MY GOD. The well-known figure in the fashion industry yells, “SLOW DOWN!” Even more so when he sees the anguish on his wife’s face, David appears to be having the time of his life.

His question to his wife was, “Are you crying?” “That’s not even funny!” Victoria says while attempting to conceal her tears with a stylish pair of sunglasses and a dark hat.

Although Victoria claimed that she was “trying to overcome my greatest fear” with this ride, it does not appear that she was successful in doing so; however, she is pleased that someone else enjoyed themselves despite her failure.

“I get the impression that @davidbeckham is really reveling in this experience!”

In the comments section, Lady Gaga simply wrote “Bless.”

“You are literally me riding a roller coaster; you are my spirit animal.”

I gave up. I’ve relegated myself to a spectator role,” said a second supporter.

“When I saw that you both kept your caps on, I should have known that it would be a kiddy roller coaster.

” One of the spectators pointed out that the car can go much faster than that.

Another person commented, “What cracks me up is how much David appears to be enjoying himself.”

Because of her participation in a Karaoke session, Victoria was able to relive her days as a member of a girl group, which led to the beginning of this roller coaster ride.

During a sing-along session, David captured his wife performing a rendition of the Spice Girls’ song “Stop,” and he was more than happy to share it with the rest of the world.

“Karaoke night with the one and only Posh Spice,” the soccer icon wrote on her Instagram.

She wrote, “Only for you, David!” in the note.

Even though it wasn’t the Spice Girls reunion that many people had been hoping for, fans were glad to see that Victoria hasn’t completely moved on from her Posh Spice days.

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Victoria admitted that “singing and dancing was fun for” her, but that she did not consider it to be her “passion.”

She wrote to herself in 2021, “I know you are still reinventing yourself, taking on new challenges, and ignoring the naysayers,” in the letter she sent to her future self.

“In order to forge your own way, you never stop questioning the accepted norms of thought.

First, you discovered this passion for fashion, and just recently, you did the same thing with beauty.

Where do we go from here? I absolutely must know.”

It should come as no surprise that it is not roller coasters or any other type of fast-moving theme park attraction.

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