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Stacey Dash Sobs After Learning DMX Died a Year Later, Confusing Fans

When Stacey Dash found out about DMX’s passing in April 2021, she broke down in tears in a TikTok video that she posted on August 31.

Because she was more than a year behind on the news, the star of Clueless managed to mislead her admirers with her admission. In the video, Stacey can be heard saying, “I’m ashamed.” “I didn’t know DMX died. I was unaware of it. From a cocaine overdose.

Today marks six years and one month since I last used drugs or alcohol, and the thought of going back kills my heart. He was defeated by it. He was defeated by the demon that is addicted. Please don’t lose.”


I was just browsing on #tiktok when I came across a song by #DMX that has been a lifesaver for me on numerous occasions. Then all of a sudden it states #RIP I know I am late, I did not know he passed away, he #ODd. I am inconsolable because he was such a wonderful human being. #sober #fyp #devestated #staceydash

Stacey noted in the post that she became aware of DMX’s passing after hearing one of his songs on TikTok, which was the source of her information.

Stacey said, “All of a sudden it says #RIP.” “I apologise for my tardiness; I was unaware that he had passed away,” she said. He #OD. I am heartbroken. He was such a wonderful human being.


The response from fans to Stacey’s post was overwhelming, as evidenced by the comments section. “This brings in a whole new meaning to Clueless,” was the statement that one individual made about the part that Stacey played in the film “Clueless.”

The question of “Is this the trailer for Clueless 2?” was subsequently posed by another person. The vast majority of people, on the other hand, made it a point to inform Stacey that the news of DMX’s passing was “everywhere” at the time it occurred.

Additionally, she started trending on Twitter, where she received hundreds of additional reactions.

After experiencing a heart attack at the beginning of April 2021, DMX was taken to the hospital for treatment. He had no signs of cerebral activity when he was placed on life support.

After being in a coma for a week, DMX’s vital organs began to fail, and on April 9 he was pronounced dead at the hospital. It was determined by the Office of the Medical Examiner that he had taken an excessive amount of cocaine, which led to his heart attack.

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Indeed, the passing of DMX received a great deal of attention from the media at the time. At the very end of April, a large memorial service was conducted in honour of the late rapper.

Several famous people, including Kanye West, Nas, Eve, and many others, were present at the event that took place in Brooklyn. Brooklyn was the location of the get-together that was held.

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