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Before & After: Aj Mclean’s “Dad Bod”

In honor of Throwback Thursday, AJ shared a photo of himself from about a year ago that featured him without a shirt while he was on vacation.

He compared those to two new images that were just taken of him working out, where he can be seen to have far more definition in his physique.

AJ’s post for Throwback Thursday read: “Thought I’d do a little throwback Thursday vibes.”

“Wow, it’s amazing what a little effort and setting goals can do for a person.

I found the picture on the left from a year ago while I was on vacation, and it says it all.

Despite this, there is still a long way to go.

This is merely the beginning of things! Let’s go! If I’m able to achieve it, you certainly are too!!


AJ’s post includes, in addition to a motivational message, the hashtags “sober,” “healthy lifestyle,” and “no more dad bod.”

These hashtags are added in addition to AJ’s statement.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, AJ has struggled with a dependency on drugs and has spent a considerable amount of time in rehabilitation facilities.

As a result of this, AJ has spent a significant amount of time in treatment facilities.

On the other side, as of right now, he has not had a single relapse in his recovery from substance abuse in the nearly three years that he has been clean.

During the season of Dancing With the Stars that AJ competed in during the fall of 2020, AJ was very forthright and forthright about his struggle to recovery.

He danced with Cheryl Burke during that season, when he was partnered with her and they performed together.

During that year, AJ gave an interview to Good Morning America in which he explained that the motivation for him to finally stop using drugs and alcohol for good this time came from returning home to his family after a trip to Las Vegas.

In the interview, AJ said that the motivation for him to finally stop using drugs and alcohol for good this time came from returning home to his family. AJ and his family had already visited the location.

AJ admitted without any hesitance that his wife could smell the odour coming from his breath and that she was aware of it.

I continued by stating that the younger of my two children flatly refused to sit next to me. “What’s more, the younger of my two children”

In 2011, AJ and Rochelle became husband and wife after they exchanged vows in front of family and friends.

The two of them take turns being the primary caregivers for their daughters, Ava and Lyric, throughout their upbringing.

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AJ stated to People in 2020 that his wife and he had “always had this deal,” which stated that if he smelled like booze, he wasn’t permitted to play with his children.

“I wasn’t able to be around my children.” But the moment my youngest daughter Lyric stated to me, “You don’t smell like my daddy,” was the one that really struck me to my core.

When she stated that to me, that was the last straw for me.

That is all there is to say. I felt horrible.”

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