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Bethenny Frankel Calls Meghan Markle’sanctimonious’

It is quite unlikely that Bethenny Frankel will listen to any of the next episodes of Meghan Markle’s podcast, Archetypes.

The former star of The Real Housewives of New York was not shy about sharing her thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex in the most recent edition of her podcast, Just B, which was broadcast on September 1.

Bethenny, who is 51 years old, has accused Meghan, who is 41 years old, of “talking down” to people, and she does not believe that Meghan should continue to focus on the royal family now that she and Prince Harry have stepped down from key duties.

Bethenny got into some of the issues that some people take with Meghan while she was explaining that she recognised that Meghan was a “polarising” person.

These issues include the fact that early on in her career she was on Deal or No Deal and Suits, before she became a duchess.

It is also acceptable for you to wed someone and become a duchess; in fact, I applaud you for doing so. Yay.

“You can’t be a princess because you have to be a duchess,” she told me. “Every little girl wants to be a princess.”

Bethenny explained that, in general, she does not approve of the manner in which the Duchess of Sussex has attempted to disseminate her message.

The final reason is that I believe people dislike Meghan Markle because, in my opinion, she looks down on other people and talks down to them.

My impression is that she is overly moralistic.

My interpretation is that there is an underlying sense of superiority.

There you will find her. Right now, we’re down here.

“She just has more life experience than any of us combined, and she has a wealth of institutional information about life,” she remarked.

“She is very self-important, and she’s very much like a housewife in the sense that she can’t stop talking about the same thing that she wants to be irrelevant,” said the other person.


The former cast member of Real Housewives of New York City went on to clarify that, in her opinion, ongoing discussions and reflections on the royal family and racism within it aren’t “relatable” to the majority of people.

In spite of the fact that she believed it to be beneficial to call attention to racism, she counselled Meghan to shift her focus away from the Royals and into new concerns.

“This is your husband’s family, and you keep going over the same plot point,” the other person said.

You want to speak up against racism and how terrible it is, as well as about what it’s like to be a woman of colour, and you want to be a voice for change and a woman who empowers other women.

Therefore, you should continue to do that in the future.

Why do we keep mentioning things that happened in the past with this one family, which does not reflect the majority of the world, in these nuanced and subtle ways?

“I can’t relate to any of that,” she remarked.

When you leave the royal family, you should stay out of it. You should look behind you.”

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In the end, Bethenny summed it up by saying that she had a problem with the “messaging” rather than the actual message itself.

The reality star may not find Meghan “relatable,” but a large number of people were obviously eager in hearing what she had to say on her Archetypes podcast, as evidenced by the fact that the first episode went straight to the top of the charts.

An insider even disclosed, in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, that Harry planned a celebratory toast to honour the success of the programme.

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