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First Night Out, Rihanna Wears Heels and Baggy Jeans

Rihanna, who is 34 years old, took some time out from her responsibilities as a mother on Thursday night (September 1) to spend quality time with her close friends in New York City.

Rihanna, who recently became a mother, joined a group of her close friends for dinner at Caviar House.

As usual, Rihanna looked absolutely stunning in the outfit she had chosen.

The singer who became famous for her hit song “Kiss It Better” sported a blue jersey with white and red graphics that was too big for her, a pair of blue baggy jeans, and a pair of adorable pink heels.

Rihanna’s jersey reached past her hips and covered the majority of her post-baby body, but it is obvious that she still looks absolutely amazing considering that she gave birth to her first child less than four months ago.

Despite the fact that the jersey covered most of her post-baby body, Rihanna’s jersey reached past her hips.

In addition, she had a gold chain necklace around her neck and was holding a bright red clutch bag in her hand.

Rihanna let her dark hair down and wore a bright red lipstick while doing so.

The famous person who was born in Barbados flashed a grin for the photographers and looked like she was having a great time with her pals.


Since they became parents in May, RiRi and her longtime boyfriend A$AP Rocky, 33, have made an effort to get out of the house on occasion.

On August 24, the couple went out for a date night in New York City.

Rihanna wore an all-green outfit, which consisted of a miniskirt paired with a matching dark green button-down shirt.

Rocky sported a black vest over a pair of black pants that matched his boots, and he also wore black boots.

As they walked away from the Ned Hotel to spend the evening alone together, the two sweethearts cutely clutched hands with one another.

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Rihanna’s plans to release new songs have been shelved since the birth of her new child because she is currently focused on caring for her family.

Anti, the superstar’s most recent studio album, was released all the way back in 2016, and ever since then, fans have been begging for her to release some new music.

However, a source close to Rihanna recently shared with HollywoodLife that, for the foreseeable future, her primary focus is on being a mother.

According to the source, “for now, her attention is on soaking up the blessing of being a new mom and connecting as a little family with Rocky.”

“Right now, her focus is on soaking up the blessing of being a new mom.”

“He’s been such an incredible partner; he’s busy with shows and getting his album ready, but if he’s not working, he’s by her side,” she said.

“He’s busy with shows and getting his album ready.”

The insider went on to say that “He utterly worships her, he is so devoted to both her and to their son, she couldn’t have chosen a finer partner, and they are very happy.”

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