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Janet Jackson Transitions From No Makeup To Full Glam

At the beginning of the video that Janet Jackson uploaded to TikTok on September 1, she was not prepared to leave the house.

Ms. Jackson, who is 56 years old, can be seen in the video sitting on a chair while wearing a t-shirt, a pair of glasses, and a wrap around her hair.

It appears that she is more prepared to spend the evening on the couch viewing whatever is still available on HBO Max.

But in the flash of an eye, owing to a little bit of magic – and a TikTok transition soundtracked by Latto’s “Big Energy” – Janet goes from being blah to being fantastic!

Janet comes with her face completely covered in cosmetics and wearing a stylish all-white dress.

Oh, Ms. Jackson also possesses the same lighthearted spirit, as evidenced by the fact that she pulls a goofy face at the very end, demonstrating that even when she is dressed to the nines, she does not take either herself or life too seriously.

She finishes off the video with a passionate kiss that has admirers, including Mariah Carey, speechless.

“Love you!” Mariah, who is 53 years old, left a comment on the video along with three heart emojis.

(As a fun fact, Mariah’s “Fantasy” and Latto’s “Big Energy” both use the Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love,” and Mariah participated in a 2022 remix of the song.)


“So, either you’ve discovered the fountain of youth, or the key to staying young is to not take yourself too seriously,” the speaker says.

Which one?” questioned a spectator. Another person chimed in, saying, “The metamorphosis is insane!” Someone more responded with the comment, “Haven’t aged ONE DAMN BIT!!!!!!! J4L!!.”

The remaining remarks were primarily focused on how Janet “ATE” with the video.


“Janet, you can do no wrong. Lovely lady, who exemplifies timeless elegance.

On September 6, as part of New York Fashion Week, an event honouring Janet for her standing as a fashion icon will take place.

Harlem’s Fashion Row (HFR) has revealed that the singer of “That’s the Way Love Goes” will be honoured with the ICON of the Year Award at the 15th Anniversary Fashion Show & Style Awards.

During the ceremony, we will also honour Sergio Hudson as Designer of the Year, Ade Samuel as Stylist of the Year, Robin Givhan as Editor of the Year, and Issa Rae as the first recipient of The Virgil Abloh Award presented by LVMH.

All of these awards will be presented by LVMH.

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Earlier in the year 2022, Janet paid tribute to another artist who has achieved legendary status by making an unexpected appearance at the Billboard Music Awards.

There, she handed Mary J. Blige the Icon Award.

Ms. Jackson was quoted as saying, “Mary J. Blige is the embodiment of the truth.”

Because she sings to me, her work has consistently been a source of solace for us. She serenades you with a song.

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