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Election Deniers, Extremism ‘not Normal’

In a passionate speech on September 1 on the “fight for democracy,” President Joe Biden lambasted election skeptics and “extremism” As he appeared in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden issued a ferocious call to action, urging citizens to cast their ballots in order to protect democracy.

In his evening speech, he warned that “election deniers” and Republicans were threatening to reverse advancement, saying that “as I stand here today, equality and democracy are under siege.”

He also made reference to Donald Trump and his allies.

In his concluding remarks, which were broadcast on television and featured some 300 live visitors, he said, “We do ourselves no credit to pretend differently.

I’ve returned to the starting point tonight, so.

to inform the nation of the dangers we face in the most straightforward manner possible.

regarding the ability we have to combat these threats in our own hands.

The “MAGA extremism” and “semi-fascism” that Biden referred to were also condemned.

Too much of what’s occurring in our country right now isn’t normal, he continued, so we must be honest with one another and ourselves.

Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans stand for a radicalism that imperils the very foundations of our republic.


In addition to decrying the probable loss of the “right to contraception,” President Biden claimed that MAGA “thrives on rage and turmoil” and claimed that extremists are “throwing a knife to the throat of democracy.”

Notably, he claimed that MAGA does not “recognize the will of the people,” once more referring to the phenomenon of “election denial.”

The midterm elections will be held on November 8 and Biden’s speech will be held around two months before that date.

He would speak on the “continued battle for the Soul of the Nation,” according to a press release from the White House issued before the speech.

Additional information about the speech preview was given to ABC News by a representative.

As they told the site, “He will discuss the strides our country has taken to safeguard our democracy, but also how our liberties and rights are continually being violated.”

And he will clearly state who is defending those freedoms, rights, and our democracy.

Biden has spoken about the dangers to democracy before and emphasized the significance of voting in the midterm elections numerous times, including at his speech in Philadelphia.

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The president condemned his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, for endangering American democracy by encouraging the attack on the Capitol building after the 2020 election during a speech commemorating the first anniversary of the January 6 uprising.

“There is no group more at odds with fundamental American values than a former president who lied about the outcome of this election and the mob that attacked the Capitol.

They want to be in charge or they will ruin, he said at the time.

In addition to criticizing Trump, Biden has urged Congress to establish a law guaranteeing the right to vote for all citizens.

He declared in a speech in January that “I believe that the threat to our Democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these votingrights bills.”

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