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Kanan Probes for Answers After Howard’s Big Reveal

Kanan Stark is determined to find the answers to all of these questions that he has, and he will do so by any means necessary.

This EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the Power Book III episode that will air on September 4 includes the following: In the process of raising Kanan, Def-friend Con’s Vernon, who is currently incarcerated, is visited by Kanan.

Kanan is curious about the things that Def-Con used to say about him and wants to know what they were.

He is confused and says, “Did he even talk about me?” Vernon retorts that Kanan was only a young child at the time, so he didn’t have much to say.

It seems that Vernon has some inquiries of his own to make.

“So, what did Raq say Def said?” Vernon asks Kanan.

Kanan reveals to him that Raq used to regale him with tales of how “clever” Def was in his younger days and how he garnered “crazy respect” among his peers on the streets.

Vernon also notes that “Def had the whole south side locked down.”

Kanan interrogates, “He’s most certainly my father, right?” The reaction that this elicits from Vernon is pretty significant.

“What the f**k are you going to ask me? Is he definitely yo daddy? Who the hell else was going to raise you if it wasn’t your own father? In a heated exchange, Vernon asks, “Is Raq telling you that she was with another ni**a at the time?” Raq responds in the affirmative.


When Vernon asks Raq if she is telling him that she was with another guy at the time, Kanan begins to backtrack a little bit with his story.

Raq is telling Vernon that she was with another guy at the time.

Raq is explaining to Vernon that during this time she was involved with another man.

Kanan gives an answer to Vernon, saying, “It’s nothing even quite like that.”

Vernon is satisfied with Kanan’s response. Some individuals have taken it upon themselves to disseminate information that is not founded on reality.

In answer, Vernon responds, “When I think of you, I can’t help but also think about Def.

It’s almost creepy how identical our eyes are to one other.

The same same one that can be heard beating” Then he proceeds by adding, “You a man now, Kanan..

Kanan, the time has come for you to step up your game and really show what you’re made of. Just like you papa.”

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Kanan is starting to question everything going on in his life, most importantly the identity of his biological father.

During the episode before this one, Det. Howard reveals to Kanan that he is in fact his biological father.

He has an interest in being a part of Kanan’s life. Later on, Howard admits that he is not going to tell the authorities that Kanan shot him because he will not do that to his “son.”

Kanan was the one who shot Howard. On STARZ on Sundays, you can catch the latest episodes of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.”

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