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Scheana Shay on Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss: “I Heard”

where an eyewitness has confirmed to HollywoodLife that they saw co-star Tom Schwartz, 39, “heavily making out” with co-star Raquel Leviss, 27, who is James Kennedy’s ex-girlfriend.

“I did not see anyone else kissing anyone else while I was there.

I heard,” Scheana said in an interview with E! News on August 31 alongside Brock, who is now 31.

The woman who was a mother of one went on to say that she overheard them chatting on the day that she was honored.

She came to the realization that “I did not see anything further than that, but I heard.”

Scheana asserted that she did not see the cast members of Vanderpump Rules locking lips, but it appears that Tom’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney, who is 35 years old, did see it, and she was enraged.

“Before the actual ceremony, on the day of it, I saw Tom and Raquel passionately making out in the cenote, which is a cave that is located underwater.

Because it was not a particularly private location, there were also a few other people there at the same time,” the HL insider recalled.

“Katie lost it, and there were cameras rolling the whole time,” the speaker says.

They revealed that she was yelling at them, and they responded by yelling back at her.

Katie decided not to attend the after-party in the end.


Brock stated that Katie was not even supposed to be in Cancun for his and Scheana’s special day to begin with, which further escalated the scandalous nature of the situation.

“She was disinvited and showed up anyway for a ‘girls trip,'” he commented under an Instagram post reporting on the drama, and the post was attached to an Instagram story.

After reading the comment, Katie gave a response, which included the phrase “I’m enjoying all the untruths” and an emoji of popcorn.

It would appear that this wedding saga will continue for quite some time.

It would appear that Katie is “blaming” Scheana for the drama that occurred at the wedding involving herself, Raquel, and Tom.

In an interview with Page Six, a source close to the production of VPR revealed that “Raquel and Schwartz absolutely hooked up during Scheana’s wedding.

” Katie is upset with Scheana because, in her mind, Scheana is to blame for the fact that Raquel and Schwartz have become romantically involved.

They went on to say that “She’s just annoyed because he decided to hook up with a girl in their circle of friends,” which was an explanation for her reaction. She is pointing the finger at Scheana.

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It’s possible that Tom and Raquel’s hookup was a process that took several weeks to complete.

On the episode of Scheana’s Scheananigans that aired on July 22, Tom gave Raquel a shout-out and then seemed to regret that he did not get to know her better.

He explained it by saying, “I was so wrapped up in my own little world, and I was married — I never took the time to get to know Raquel.”

“She had never lost her cool. I guess I just never really invested enough time and effort in her.

That is a terrible way to put it, and I mean that literally.

I really didn’t give her much of a chance.”

In addition, when Scheana asked him if he would ever kiss Raquel after discussing rumors that they got together at Coachella in April, he did not give a direct answer to her question.

He said something along the lines of, “I don’t know.”

Tom and Katie started going out as a couple in 2013 and got married the following year in 2016.

But they never got around to finishing the paperwork for their marriage, so they had to have another ceremony in 2019 to make things official.

They made the decision to split public earlier on in this year.

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