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“Our De$tiny” Features Playboi Carti and a$ap Rocky

A$AP Rocky recently announced the news that he would be working together with the American rapper Playboi Carti once again on a new project that will most likely be dubbed “Our De$tiny.”

This collaboration will take place for the production of a new album.

In addition to that, he shared a video that was apparently a mashup of the featured track and the two of them having a wonderful time together.

The following is a list of the lyrics to the upcoming rap song, which were made public at an early performance of the song: “I was born like this, I can’t fall” “I’ve been like this, I’m not like y’all” “I can’t go to the mall, I’m bigger than them all” “We living the life, and we living it huge”

Even though there have been no announcements made regarding the date of the official release of the upcoming song, the most recent Instagram video that has been released by @asaprocky can be considered to be an official teaser for the song.


The hip-hop duo has been a part of a number of great collaborations in the past, some of which have resulted in the development of enduring musical masterpieces such as “New Choppa.”

In the past, the hip-hop pair has been involved in a number of fruitful collaborations.

In the course of an interview, the subject of Rocky was raised, and Carti’s response to the question was as follows: “I met Rocky at this house party, and it was wild.”

I had the thought, “I’ve got to come out here and get my swag up” after he told me that he had fucked with me, bro, and I did exactly that after he told me that he had fucked with me.

After he told me that he had fucked with me, bro, I thought to myself, “I’ve got to come out here and get my swag up.”

After he admitted that he had screwed with me, I came out here to strut my stuff and get my swag together.

It was engulfed in flames from the inside out. In each and every area, there was a substantial population of women who were employed in the profession of prostitution.

It was a story that was made up of real-life occurrences.

Before I found the house that I now think of as my permanent residence, I looked in that general vicinity. I looked there for a while.

A video for A$AP The most recent song that Rocky has released is titled “D.M.B.”

and it was released sometime during the month of May in the year 2022.

In the footage, Rihanna can be seen interacting with him prior to the time when she became pregnant with their child.

The video was shot prior to her being pregnant with their child.

The actions and occurrences that are going to take place will take place in New York City.

On May 13, 2022, the happy couple introduced their beautiful born son to the world for the very first time, beaming with pride the entire time.

He was the first child that the couple had together.

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Rocky’s life has been extremely demanding as of late, what with the arrival of his and Riri’s baby as well as the chance that he would serve time in prison.

Despite all of these responsibilities, Rocky has been able to maintain a positive attitude.

On the other side, his fans are excited about an upcoming song that will have him collaborating with Playboi Carti and will be titled “Our De$tiny.”

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