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Tiffany Haddish & Aries Spears Sexting Claim

Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears, two comedians, have been accused of soliciting two kids to take part in multiple sexually inappropriate comedic routines in public and to be filmed doing so.

Both Haddish and Spears have responded to claims that they sexually abused any minors during the filming of their respective projects or in any other context by denying the charges.

Regardless, a severe lawsuit filed in Los Angeles by plaintiffs known only as Jane Doe and John Doe was served on the two individuals.

The plaintiffs say in their complaint that their mother introduced them to Tiffany Haddish and that they knew her personally.

She further claimed that she went to a comedy camp where Haddish was a guest speaker and that Haddish told her that she had the “ideal role for her.”

Jane Doe is only 14 years old. In addition, the complaint alleges that the discussion on the skit that took place between the kid and his mother was “redacted and utterly limited.”


During the period that Jane Doe was in Hadish’s house, she asserts that she was shown a DVD in which two adults were eating sandwiches, but “the two were moaning and making sexual noises while they both ate the sandwich in a manner that imitated a sex act.”

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, this took place.

Spears gave her the choreography and directed her to perform it in a style that was comparable to the way that she did it, since she wanted it to appear exactly like hers.

On the other hand, the lawsuit that was filed by John Doe, who is only seven years old, states that Haddish allegedly instructed the youngster to undress to his underwear for a film that was going to be about the “thinking of a paedophile.”

This allegation is made in the lawsuit that was filed by John Doe.

In the litigation that John Doe brought against the defendant, this accusation was made.

The idea behind the video was to show “the way a paedophile thinks,” hence it was titled “The Thinking of a Paedophile.”

The allegations state that Spears “lusted” after the young boy, who was just seven years old at the time, and that she abused him while Tiffany Haddish was present.

The allegations also state that the young boy was sexually exploited by Spears.

In addition to this, the indictment states that Haddish was there throughout the time when the accused act of molestation was taking place.

The young man is reported to have contacted his mother after supposedly going through the terrifying experience, and he is also said to have bawled his eyes out over the phone while conversing with his mother.

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The legal team for Haddish has issued a statement in which they call the claims “baseless.”

She went on to say that the plaintiff’s parents “have been seeking to raise these phony claims against Ms. Haddish for numerous years,” adding that “these bogus claims against Ms.

She went on to say that “every attorney who has initially taken on her case—and there were several of them—has finally quit the matter once it became evident that the charges were meritless and Ms. Haddish would not be shaken down.”

Now, [the mother] is having her adult daughter represent herself in this lawsuit that they are involved in.

The two of them will have to face the repercussions of their pursuit of this foolish action together.

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