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Walker Independence: Here Is Something Really Interesting You Should Never Miss

The CW has released a new trailer for the upcoming prequel to Jared Padalecki’s Walker.

The trailer focuses on Abby Walker’s (Katherine McNamara) determination to get justice for her murdered husband, and it comes just over a month before the premiere of Walker Independence on the network.

Abby arrives in Independence, Texas, in the preview, which you can watch for yourself down below, ready to do battle with the new sheriff, whom she holds accountable for the death of her husband.

In an earlier conversation, McNamara had stated, “It’s not the western you’re anticipating.”

“Every character is more complicated than they initially appear to be.

It has the atmosphere and the sense of nostalgia of a western, but the story itself is set in the present day and features characters who are dealing with actual issues that are so intriguing.”


He explained that “the frontier, in actuality, was deeply diversified and weird, and all kinds of other things,” according to a remark that is credited to Findlay and which may be found in a number of sources.

“Opportunities as rare as the one you mentioned come around incredibly infrequently as a direct and immediate consequence of the prevalence of white men in historical writing.

When there were so many people banding together and fighting for their lives, it is an incredible experience to be a part of a group that more realistically portrays the environment of the times.

It is an amazing experience. During this period of time, a large number of individuals banded together in order to fight for their lives.

As a direct result of this, the experience as a whole will feel more genuine to you as a result.”

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The wealthy and independent-minded Bostonian Abby Walker (McNamara), whose husband is murdered in front of her eyes while they are travelling out West, is the protagonist of the film Walker Independence.

Abby arrives in Independence, Texas, after having a chance encounter with Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez), an inquisitive Apache tracker.

In Independence, Abby meets a variety of interesting and unique locals who are all fleeing their pasts, pursuing their dreams, and keeping their own secrets.

These locals include Kate Carver (Katie Findlay), an eccentric burlesque dancer who takes an unusually keen interest in Abby’s background, and Kai (Lawr Abby is also confronted by Hoyt Rawlings, played by Matt Barr, who is a con artist, thief, and slipper rogue.

He has a gold heart that has been tarnished, and he is quick to target Abby as a mark until she is able to turn the tables on him.

Abby runs into Independence’s honourable deputy sheriff, Augustus (Philemon Chambers), and his new boss, Sheriff Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian), who she has reason to believe is a very bad man indeed, as she pursues justice for her husband.

Both men are played by Philemon Chambers. Both Abby and Hoyt are determined to find out the truth about the murderer of Abby’s husband and make a solemn oath to save Independence, a frontier boomtown where appearances can be deceiving.

Soon, Abby and Hoyt find themselves in an awkward position of alignment with one another.

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