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Alicent Hightower: Viserys’ New Wife in “House of Dragons”

One of the most significant characters in House of the Dragon is Alicent Hightower. Alicent will take Alicent’s place as the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms after King Viserys II marries her. The plot will advance toward the inevitable Dance of the Dragons as a result of this marriage.

The intriguing Alicent is a significant figure in the lives of both Viserys and Rhaenyra Targaryen. HollywoodLife is bringing you up to speed on everything there is to know about Alicent, from her personal life to her marriage to Viserys and what it ultimately means for Rhaenyra.

Alicent Hightower: Who Is She?

Ser Otto Hightower’s daughter Alicent Hightower. In House of the Dragon, Ser Otto is Viserys’s current Hand of the King. Otto urges his daughter to make friends with the bereaved monarch following the tragic loss of Queen Gemma in delivery in the first episode of the series.

Rhaenyra Targaryen, the daughter of King Viserys I and Alicent are good friends. However, when Alicent becomes Viserys’ second wife, their friendship breaks down.

In House of the Dragon, Who Plays Alicent Hightower?

Emily Carey portrays Alicent Hightower when she is younger. The 19-year-old actress is well-known for her roles in getting Even and Casualty. Eventually, House of the Dragon will advance the timeline by several years. Alicent Hightower will thereafter be replaced in that role by Olivia Cooke.

Olivia is best known for her roles in the limited series Vanity Fair and the TV show Bates Motel. Additionally, the 28-year-old played parts in the films Ready Player One and Sound of Metal.

Alicent Hightower’s Husband-to-Be Is?


King Viserys is persuaded to remarry in House of the Dragon episode 2 to have more heirs. Viserys chooses to wed Alicent rather than marry the far too young Laena Velaryon, which would have brought House Targaryen and House Velaryon together. He informs his little council as well as the distraught Rhaenyra of the n

Rhaenyra was previously designated as Viserys’ successor, although Rhaenyra is well aware of the conflict that will ensue. She is aware that Alicent will probably give birth to sons by Viserys, thus undermining her right to the throne.

Has Alicent Hightower Got Kids?

Yes, Aegon II, Helaena, Aemond, and Daeron are among the 4 kids Alicent finally has with King Viserys I. Things start to get quite intriguing at this point.

As described in George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, when Alicent gave birth to Aegon II, the conflict over who would eventually succeed Viserys only got worse.

When it was agreed that Rhaenyra should wed, Alicent put out the suggestion that Rhaenyra might wed Aegon II despite their significant age difference and lack of compatibility. Viserys rejected this notion and stuck to his position that Rhaenyra would succeed on the Iron Throne.

Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey are the three sons that Rhaenyra had with Ser Laenor Velaryon. She got married to her uncle Daemon Targaryen when Laenor passed away. Viserys II and Aegon III, their two sons, were born. Rhaenyra also gave her son the name Aegon, which Alicent perceived as a slur.

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After the death of King Viserys I, things became gloomy. Alicent summoned the little council right away to install her son Aegon II as king.

Any form of dialogue with Rhaenyra’s half-brother was denied. As a result, the House Targaryen factions engaged in the Dance of the Dragons, a civil war over who should succeed on the Iron Throne. Dragons on both sides made the civil war a violent, gory, and ferocious conflict.

As Joffrey Baratheon first revealed to us in Game of Thrones, Rhaenyra was murdered and devoured by Aegon II’s dragon Sunfyre while her son, Aegon III, looked on.

Aegon III takes the throne after Aegon II is poisoned by his own purported followers. Later, his brother Viserys II occupied the Iron Throne. Even though no one won the Dance of the Dragons, Rhaenyra’s bloodline ended up lasting a lot longer than Alicent’s.

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