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Billie Eilish at Kaia Gerber’s 21st

Billie Eilish has settled into her place in the Hollywood industry.

The Oscar and Grammy winner, who is only 20 years old, was observed arriving at the 21st birthday party of supermodel Kaia Gerber in Los Angeles on Saturday night (September 3).

Billie arrived at the party for A-listers wearing a shiny white zip-up top, a black mini skirt and matching thigh-high leather boots.

Her ensemble was fit for a rock star and was rocking an outfit fit for a rock star.

Because she recently broke up with her partner Matthew Tyler Vorce, the singer known as “Bad Guy” appeared to be attending the event by herself.

However, the actor, who is now 30, has responded to claims that the separation was due to his history of extramarital affairs.

He stated this via the stories feature on Instagram.

“Nobody cheated on anyone,” he wrote. “All relationships come to an end. It’s as easy as that.

It’s not a good idea to spread false information or rumours on the internet.

In another slide on his Instagram account, he said, “The fact that hundreds of people take time out of their day to write the most terrible things on someone they will never know postings is the most cowardly thing you can ever do.”

“Be responsible for your own life.”


Their whirlwind romance began in April of 2021 and included PDA-filled walks, trips to Disneyland, and an appearance at Doja Cat’s birthday party.

They also made an appearance at the party. Even more recently, in February of this year, Matthew joined her on the road for a portion of her tour.

“She was on the fence about this because she thought that he might get bored or that it would not be fun for him to tag along with her and watch her do the same show over and over again,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the time.

“She was on the fence about this because she thought that he might get bored or that it would not be fun for him to watch her do the same show over and over again.”

On the other hand, “her team believed that it would be beneficial for him to join because it would keep her less anxious.”

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When her parents are present, the information provider continued, the actor “is normally incredibly respectful with her parents, and he gets out of the way.”

They went on to make the following observation: “He never takes the limelight away from Billie, and the two of them are a beautiful compliment to one another.”

At the end of the day, when everything has been said and done, Billie can go home to someone who loves and cares for her very sincerely and who loves her very much in return.

This makes it possible for Billie to feel loved and cared for in a way that is both genuine and reciprocal. Billie feels an incredible sense of gratitude toward you for this.

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