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The September Release of Peacock Flicks

In 2005, the world was sickened and mourned the loss of a life that had only just begun when Anthony Walker, a black teenager, was murdered in an unprovoked racist attack by two white men.

Walker’s killers were white men. In the wake of the brutal murder of the 18-year-old, the victim’s mother, Gee Walker, went to her friend Jimmy McGovern, who is a screenwriter and producer, and asked him to write about this horrifying loss.

Gee Walker’s son was killed.

The end product is a compelling look at what might have been, showcasing the good influence that Anthony had in his 18 years and picturing what his life might have been like had it not been cut short by a tragic event.

The performances of Toheeb Jimoh and Rakie Ayola as Anthony and his mother, respectively, are outstanding, and the structure of the film makes even the happiest parts painful and evocative.

Mr Wolf, portrayed by Sam Rockwell, has dedicated his entire life to being nefarious and has built a reputation for himself as a notorious lawbreaker.

He is the leader of a gang of nefarious criminal animals that includes a safe-cracking snake, a hacker tarantula, and a master-of-disguise shark.

But after Mr Wolf helps an elderly woman by mistake during a robbery, he begins to doubt his life of wrongdoing and wonders if he would be happy if he devoted his life to doing good instead of being the Big Bad Wolf. — B.H.

First Lady of Television, Peacock is allowing viewers to spend a little bit more time with the late Betty White, who passed away in December, just a few short weeks before she would have turned 100 years old.

It takes us on a merry adventure through her incredible life and career, and it helps us remember why we adore her so dang much by taking us on this voyage.

If your only experience with White was in the role of America’s beloved, raucous, and immensely memorable grandma, you are not getting the full picture of how talented she has always been.

She was one of the first women to produce and star in their own sitcom, and she excelled at playing a variety of different characters while bringing her trademark timing, delivery, and masterful ad-libbing to each and every one of them.

This is something that the documentary demonstrates through charming footage as well as gushing testimonials from friends and co-stars who worked with her. — J.M

Billy Madison, played by Adam Sandler, is a slacker and privileged man-child who spends his days getting drunk by the pool and fantasising about his shampoo and conditioner getting into a fight.

However, when Billy’s father reveals that he will soon be retiring, he is compelled to redo all 12 grades to ensure that he is qualified to take over the family business. — B.H.

This film is a celebration of young black people and an exploration of the identity of black men in America through the lens of various sports, educational institutions, and the criminal justice system.

Director Sonia Lowman, who has a background in activism and whose first film, 2017’s Teach Us All, looked at segregation and racial inequities in American schools, came to this project with two primary approaches: one was to use her personal experiences as a subject of the film, and the other was to use the film as a vehicle to examine larger social issues.

As a white woman who considers herself to be liberal and progressive, one of her goals was to investigate how society perceives black men.

This required her to acknowledge and struggle with the fact that she has a limited understanding of the topic as well as prejudices that are often left unexamined. — J.M.

The Blair Witch Project is widely credited as the film that popularised the use of found footage in horror movies.

Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, and a plethora of other films owe a debt of gratitude to this film.

The film that Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez collaborated on may not have been the first found footage horror film, but there is no doubt that it popularised the format.

The plot is straightforward: three aspiring filmmakers in Maryland’s woods set out to make a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch.

They begin to have strange experiences (hearing children’s laughter and noticing items have gone missing) that leave them wondering if the legend of the Blair Witch is real or if it’s all in their heads.

As the trio continues to venture deeper into the woods, they hear children’s laughter and notice items have gone missing. — B.H.

The autocratic vice principal of the school orders that five pupils from different social groups spend a Saturday in detention, where they will be monitored closely by the vice principal.

As the day drags on, they slowly start to connect through a shared sense of disillusionment and sadness, which ultimately results in the group forging a link of friendship that cannot be severed. — B.H.


Nick Park, who has won an Oscar a record-tying four times, and Peter Lord, who is best known for directing the popular animated film Wallace and Gromit, are the filmmakers responsible for Chicken Run.

They bring a palpable sense of joy and adventure to this Claymation film, as we root for a charming group of chickens plotting to escape an evil farmer who intends to turn them into chicken pot pies.

They bring this sense of joy and adventure to the film through their performance. — J.M.

There is no better time than now to catch up on the previous season of Downton Abbey than before you watch the newly released sequel.

To our great fortune, not only does Peacock provide access to all six seasons of the original television series, but it also provides access to the 2019 film.

The two-hour movie feels like a comforting and welcome return of old friends for fans of the popular British series, with a large portion of the original cast appearing, including Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern, and countless other actors and actresses.

Fans of the series will enjoy the movie. The movie could be difficult to understand for people who aren’t familiar with it, but it will inspire people who are watching it for the first time to start from the beginning and see what they’ve been missing out on all these years. — J.M.

The most recent instalment in the Downton Abbey film series has finally been released, and it demonstrates that the show is still the most delectable and decadent form of comfort food there is.

This is because the show’s creator, Julian Fellowes, knows how to construct a world as well as anyone else.

When it was released in theatres, A New Era was a sleeper hit that went on to make $90 million at the box office worldwide and receive glowing reviews from both film critics and moviegoers. — B.H.

A senior citizen’s request to have her mortgage extended is turned down by bank loan officer Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) because she wants to make a good impression on her supervisor and possibly gain a promotion.

This proves to be a poor choice, as the woman places a curse on Christine that, if she does not repent in three days, would result in her being damned to spend all of eternity in hell.

Sam Raimi made a name for himself and his ability to blend comedy and horror with the Evil Dead franchise, and he proves here that no other director is better at having a good time while making people go through the most horrifying experiences imaginable.

The Evil Dead franchise helped Sam Raimi make a name for himself and his ability to blend comedy and horror. — B.H.

When Kathy (Hong Chau) goes to her late sister’s house to get it ready for sale, she is taken aback when her son Cody (Lucas Jaye) begins to form a friendship with Del (Brian Dennehy), an elderly widower who lives next door.

Kathy is surprised by this development. With a running time of only 83 minutes, Driveways is a story that is not only powerful but also succinct about the significance of human connection.

The story shows us through Del the toll that being alone can take on a person. Driveways were also the last film that Brian Dennehy appeared in, as he passed away just one month before the film was released.

Critics hailed the performance as a fitting sendoff for the renowned actor, and they praised the film as his final film. — B.H.

When it comes down to it, all we have is our family, so how can we not talk about them? The Fast and the Furious started out as a lighthearted recreation of the movie Point Break with cars, but it has since grown into one of the most successful film series of all time.

Furious 7 was unquestionably when Fast and Furious was still at its peak, providing absolutely bonkers action while proudly wearing its massive heart on its sleeve.

And while you could argue that the series might be reaching the point of diminishing returns, Furious 7 was unquestionably when F & F was still at its peak.

When “See You Again” begins to play at the end of Furious 7, it is extremely difficult not to shed a tear. Because of this, the film serves as the ideal farewell for Walker. — B.H.

When Amy (Rosamund Pike), on the occasion of her fifth wedding anniversary, is found to be missing, the authorities immediately begin to suspect that her husband Nick (Ben Affleck) may have something to cover up.

What initially seems to be a very basic whodunit turns out to be considerably more than it initially appears.

You may believe that you are seeing one story for a significant portion of the film, only to later find out that you are actually being told an entirely different story.

Pike gives one of the best acting performances of the previous decade as Amy, a heroine who excels at holding her true reasons close to her chest, and basically the whole reason why this movie is successful is because of Pike’s performance.

Gone Girl is a film that, at its core, is about the precarious nature of connection and the question of whether or not characteristics such as loyalty and trust are as potent as the threat of mutually assured destruction. — B.H.

Do you recall the comedies? It may be difficult to imagine now, but there was once a time when comedies played just as important a role in the tradition of going to the movies during the summer as seeing the newest instalment in whichever franchise is most popular at the moment.

And maybe the most recent truly blockbuster comedy was “The Hangover,” a picture that managed to defy expectations and become one of the highest-grossing R-rated films that have ever been created. — B.H.

Fans of the Harry Potter series have reason to celebrate as all seven films in the franchise can now be viewed online.

And if you haven’t already, what the heck are you waiting for to check them out? It would be a shame to pass up the chance to rewatch everyone’s favourite Hogwarts goers develop from unsure students of magic to full-fledged heroes, and you will fall in love with the star-studded ensemble all over again. Seriously.

The presence of familiar faces like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Richard Harris, and Helena Bonham Carter among the cast of these films creates the impression that one is reuniting with old acquaintances. — J.M.

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