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Al Pacino Net Worth: How Close Is He With Robert De Niro?

Al Pacino’s portrayal of Tony Montana in the 1983 film classic Scarface is well-remembered by movie fans, but many may be unaware of how intimately the actor associated with the legendary character. No, he was not a violent drug lord, but like Montana, Pacino rose from quite modest origins to make a fortune.

The great actor has benefitted from his highly regarded body of work and continues to play intriguing roles. Alongside Lady Gaga, he portrays Aldo Gucci in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci this autumn. How profitable, then, has the actor’s career been? Discover Al Pacino net worth and the performances that contributed the most to his riches.

Al Pacino: Birthplace, Family & Education

Alfredo James Pacino was born on April 25, 1940, in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood of East Harlem. His parents are Italian-Americans Rose Gerardi and Salvatore Pacino. When he was two years old, his parents divorced.

He then moved to the Bronx with his mother to live with her parents, Kate and James Gerardi, who were Italian immigrants from Corleone, Sicily. Pacino’s father was from San Fratello, Sicily, and moved to work as an insurance salesman and restaurateur in Covina, California. Pacino was known as “Sonny” to his buddies when he was a teenager.

He aspired to be a baseball player and was also known as “The Actor.” Pacino attended Herman Ridder Junior High School but soon dropped out of most of his classes except for English. He later attended the High School of Performing Arts after being admitted via audition.

His mother disapproved of his decision, and he left the house after an argument. To fund his acting education, Pacino worked as a messenger, busboy, janitor, and postal clerk, as well as in the mailroom for Commentary magazine.

What is the Net Worth and Salary of Al Pacino?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Al Pacino is an American stage and movie actor with a net worth of $120 million. Al Pacino is regarded as one of the finest performers of all time, with a career spanning more than five decades.

Al Pacino Net Worth

He has an Academy Award, two Tony Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards as of this writing. Among his many prominent films are The Godfather (parts 1, 2, and 3), Serpico, Scent of a Woman, Heat, Donnie Brasco, and The Irishman.

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Al Pacino Comes From Humble Beginnings

Pacino began smoking and drinking at the age of nine, experimented with marijuana casually at the age of thirteen but avoided heavy narcotics. His two best friends died at the ages of 19 and 30 due to drug misuse. While growing up in the Bronx, Pacino occasionally got into fights and was considered a bit of a school troublemaker.

As a youngster, he performed in basement plays in New York’s theatrical underground but was rejected by the Actors Studio. Pacino entered the HB Studio, where he met acting instructor Charlie Laughton, who would later become his mentor and best friend.

During this time, he was frequently unemployed and homeless, sleeping on the street, in theatres, and in friends’ homes. Pacino’s mother passed away in 1962 at the age of 43. The next year, James, his grandfather, too passed away. After four years at HB Studio, Pacino auditioned successfully for the Actors Studio.

The Actors Studio is an association of professional actors, theatre directors, and playwrights based in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. Pacino studied “method acting” with acting instructor Lee Strasberg, who featured in “The Godfather Part II” or in “And Justice for All” alongside Pacino.

Al Pacino Net Worth

In later interviews, he discussed the influence of Strasberg and the Studio on his work. “The Actors Studio meant so much to me in my life. Lee Strasberg hasn’t been given the credit he deserves. Next to Charlie, it sort of launched me. It really did. It was directly responsible for getting me to quit all those jobs and just stay acting.”

Later Career Life Information Of Pacino

Pacino played the fictitious Nazi hunter Meyer Offerman in the February 2020 Amazon Video series Hunters. The second season of Hunters premiered in August 2020. Pacino portrayed Aldo Gucci in the 2021 Ridley Scott film House of Gucci.

The film got mixed to good reviews, with Pacino, Lady Gaga, and Jared Leto receiving particular praise for their performances. He portrayed the chief defense counsel in American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally the same year. Pacino was scheduled to produce a film on Amedeo Modigliani in August 2022, together with Johnny Depp and Barry Navidi.

The film is based on a play by Dennis McIntyre that was originally adapted for the same-titled 2004 film. In 2023, principal photography will commence.

Personal Life: Al Pacino’s Wife & Kids

Pacino has three children. Julie Marie, born in 1989, is his oldest child with acting coach Jan Tarrant. Twins, Anton James, and Olivia Rose were born on January 25, 2001, from his relationship with actress Beverly D’Angelo, which lasted from 1997 until 2003.

Al Pacino Net Worth

He has never been married. Pacino had a romantic connection with his co-star in The Godfather Trilogy, Diane Keaton. She said of Pacino, “Al was just the most entertaining man… To me, it is the most beautiful face. I think Warren [Beatty] was gorgeous, very pretty, but  Al’s face is like whoa. Killer, killer face.”

Their on-again, off-again relationship ended after the filming of The Godfather Part III. From 2008 to 2018, Pacino was in a relationship with Argentine actress Lucila Polak.

Al Pacino Movies

Here are some of the best highlights of Al Pacino’s career:

  • The Godfather (Movie, 1972)
  • Serpico (Movie, 1973)
  • The Godfather Part 2 (Movie, 1974)
  • Scarface (Movie, 1983) 
  • Won Heat (Movie, 1995)
  • Ocean’s Thirteen (Movie, 2007)
  • The Irishman (Movie, 2019)


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How Close Are Al Pacino and Robert De Niro?

According to a November 2019 GQ Magazine story, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are not just close colleagues but also have a connection that extends over 50 years.

How Many Films Have Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Been in Together?

It is the fourth picture that Pacino and De Niro, both 76 years old, have collaborated on, but in two of those films (The Godfather Part II and Heat), they had no screen time together. It is De Niro’s ninth film with Scorsese and Pacino’s first collaboration with the director.

Why Did Al Pacino Not Marry?

Surprisingly, despite being an actor par excellence, a superstar, and a ladies’ man, Al never got married. He is still a bachelor at age 80. Al grew raised in a Bronx ghetto in a shattered household of Sicilian immigrants. As a child, he pledged that he would never get married.


The king of the film industry is Al Pacino. His blockbusters The Godfather’ and ‘Scarface’ thrilled audiences and sold millions of copies throughout the world. Al Pacino has worked with some of the most gifted performers in the world, including Diane Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tony Roberts, as is well known. Al Pacino’s estimated net worth is $120 Million as of September 2022.

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