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Eddie Murphy Net Worth: What Are The Highlights Of His Career?

It’s safe to say that Eddie Murphy is one of the wealthiest and most successful performers in Hollywood. Eddie Murphy is a multi-talented American entertainer who has also dabbled in a number of other fields. In the years between 1980 and 1984, he was a regular cast member on the hit NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, where he gained widespread recognition. Since 2013, the net worth of Eddie Murphy has increased by 17%.

Eddie Murphy: Birthplace, Childhood, Family & Education

Murphy grew up in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. Charles Edward Murphy’s mother, Lillian Murphy, worked as a telephone operator, while his father, Charles Edward Murphy, served as a transit police officer and amateur actor, and comedian.

In 1969, his father was shot down. When he was three, his parents split up, and when he was eight, his father passed away. Murphy and his older brother, Charlie (1959-2017), spent a year in foster care when their mother fell ill and they were separated.

Murphy has remarked that his time spent in foster care helped shape his sense of humor. His mother and stepfather, Vernon Lynch, a foreman at an ice cream business, later reared him and his brother in Roosevelt, New York.

What is The Net Worth and Salary Of Eddie Murphy?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, The comedian Eddie Murphy is worth an estimated $200 million. It’s safe to say that Eddie Murphy is one of the most financially successful performers ever. Nearly $7 billion has been made from the sale of his films throughout the world as of this writing.

Eddie Murphy Net Worth

That puts him in the top six of all American actors in terms of box office earnings. Throughout the ‘1980s, ‘1990s, and ‘2000s, Eddie was often one of the highest-paid performers in the world, earning an average of $20 million for each film.

Eddie has made approximately $300 million in salary and royalties thus far in his career. The deal, which was finalized in 2019, would pay Eddie $70 million to produce many stand-up specials for the streaming service.

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Who is Eddie Murphy’s Wife and Children?

About the same time, Murphy had sons Eric(1989) and Christian(1990) with ex-girlfriends Paulette McNeely and Tamara Hood, respectively. After meeting Nicole Mitchell in 1988 at an NAACP Image Awards event, Murphy began a long-lasting love connection with her.

Eddie Murphy Net Worth

They were together for over two years prior to their March 18, 1993 wedding in New York City’s Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel. Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella are their children of theirs. Mitchell filed for divorce in August of 2005, claiming irreconcilable differences.

On April 17, 2006, the divorce was completed. In 2006, after his divorce from Mitchell, Murphy began seeing Melanie Brown, a former member of the girl group the Spice Girls, who later fell pregnant and claimed the kid was Murphy’s. Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born to Brown on Murphy’s 46th birthday, April 3, 2007.

Later that year, Murphy made a real estate purchase on New York’s Long Island. Murphy’s kid was born in May 2016 to his longtime girlfriend, the Australian model Paige Butcher. Murphy and Butcher welcomed a boy in late 2018; he was born in November of that year.

Eddie Murphy Net Worth

The two were engaged in September of this year. Murphy’s brother Charlie passed away in 2017 from leukemia, and the couple chose to honor him by giving their baby Charlie as a middle name.


With the 1981 debut of “Saturday Night Fever,” a late-night comedy show on NBC that launched Murphy’s career. Once, when a few minutes of airtime were left unfilled, he was invited to perform his stand-up routine on the show, and from then on, he would occasionally do so.

The audience loved his act, and he quickly rose to prominence as a regular performer. Some of Murphy’s more enduring creations are Mister Robinson, an urban take on TV’s Mr. Rogers, and Tyrone Green, an illiterate prisoner who doubles as a poet. In 1982, with the film “48 Hours,” Murphy made his acting debut.

Two years later, Murphy became a global phenomenon thanks to his portrayal in the film “Beverly Hills Cop,” for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. Coming to America, a romantic comedy starring Arsenio Hall, was his next box office smash.

Murphy’s performance in the 1996 comedy hit The Nutty Professor was well received by audiences. In the ‘Shrek films, he provided the voice of the titular donkey. Murphy’s subsequent role was in the 2006 film adaptation of the musical Dreamgirls. After that, he went on to star in a number of films, such as “Meet Dave,” “Imagine That,” and “Tower Heist.”


Here are some of the best highlights of Eddie Murphy’s career:

  • Beverly Hills Cop (Movie, 1984)
  • Coming to America (Movie, 1988)
  • Boomerang (Movie, 1992)
  • Vampire In Brooklyn (Movie, 1995)
  • The Nutty Professor (Movie, 1996)
  • Life (Movie, 1999)
  • Shre (Movie, 2001)
  • Dreamgirls (Movie, 2006)
  • Golden Globes (Best Performance by an Actor, 2007) – Won
  • Mr. Church (Movie, 2016)


Murphy’s childhood home was in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. Comedian Eddie Murphy is reportedly worth an astounding $200 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. Eddie Murphy is, without a doubt, one of the most commercially successful actors of all time. As of this writing, his worldwide box office gross is close to $7 billion.

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