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Actor Ray Buffer Has Been Accused of Stealing Comics, and the Store Claims That He Was Captured on Video.

An actor named Ray Buffer is being accused of shoplifting several expensive comic books by a comic book business in San Diego. The store claims that surveillance tape appears to show the actor putting the comics inside his shirt, supporting their case.

Southern California Comics in San Diego has filed a report with the San Diego Police Department and is providing the authorities with evidence, including their surveillance footage, which they claim shows Ray stealing comic books worth a total of $600.

The store also claims to have a video of Ray stealing the comic books.
The proprietors told us that Metropolis Comics in Los Angeles showed them some surveillance footage that was very identical to what they had when Ray worked there.

Actor Ray Buffer has been accused

In one video, the owner confronts him after observing him engage in the same behavior, and after the owner threatens to contact the police, he returns the comics to their original location and exits the store.

After the comic book store uploaded the footage to the internet, Ray removed himself from all of his social media accounts. Ray is an actor who has been on television series such as “ER” and “Curbs Your Enthusiasm.”

Because certain comics are worth a lot of money — we’ve reported on rare comics getting auctioned off for enormous sums of money — bookshops are always on alert about this type of crime. This is why the majority of establishments have such advanced surveillance equipment.

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