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Avenue 5 Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

The absurdist space comedy Avenue 5 was released in February of 2020 and was written by Armando Iannucci, who is known for creating extremely sarcastic political dramas such as Veep and The Death of Stalin.

When a pandemic occurred a month later and shut down the whole planet, a science fiction program about a handful of strange individuals who were forced to spend their time in isolation turned out to be rather prescient.

The development of the second season was ultimately put on hold indefinitely owing to the pandemic, despite the fact that the show had already been renewed before the first season had completed airing all nine episodes.

Due to the efforts of Josh Gad, we are aware that the principal filming and shooting for season two was completed in the month of November 2021. He portrays the role of Herman Judd, the millionaire owner of the spacecraft Avenue 5, in the show.

On his Instagram feed, he discussed it and included a photo in which he was joined by other members of the returning cast. Now that it’s out of the way, let’s go down everything we know about the forthcoming season so far.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Release Date

Even though there has been some speculation that the release date may be pushed back to 2023, the second season of Avenue 5 is expected to premiere in the United States at some point during the year 2022, according to the show’s current release plan.

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However, as of this moment, there has been no mention of an official date. The first season is currently available on streaming services such as HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu for viewers all over the world to watch in its entirety.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Plot

Avenue 5, Iannucci’s second project with HBO, is about a luxury starship trip that is led by the charming Ryan Clark, or so everyone is encouraged to think until all hell breaks loose (played by Hugh Laurie).

In a story that takes place forty years in the future, when traveling through space is as commonplace as sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes every autumn, the spacecraft Avenue 5 is thrown off course due to a technological problem and an unexpected death that occurred on board. As a direct consequence of this, the entire passenger complement will be delayed in space for longer than originally anticipated.

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As the crew on board attempts to get a handle on the issue of people losing their wits, marvellous insanity and macabre comedy erupt. The passengers are losing their heads. Within the confines of the space shuttle, it appears like jungle law is about to take over, which will reveal any and all secrets and shams. It’s possible that some people won’t get the dry humor.

The show is successful in drawing attention to a number of pertinent cultural blind spots that we are currently dealing with, such as conspiracy theorists who will deny the truth even in the face of factual and scientific proof, as well as our society’s obvious obsession with outward appearances and wealth over real competence.

The first season comes to an abrupt finish with a significant cliffhanger, leaving the characters’ destinies up in the air after they commit a monumental error in judgment while attempting to make up for it. The fact that they are constrained by the rules of physics means that the options may not be limitless, but the narrative may develop in a number of different ways.

Showrunners have the option of picking up the narrative from where we left off or skipping forward in time to demonstrate how the characters have been compelled by the circumstances to either work together or utterly derail the plot in a Lord of the Flies-esque manner.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Cast

On the other hand, Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad are still around, as are the other regular suspects. The character of Matt Spencer, Head of Customer Relations, who is going through an existential crisis is portrayed by Zach Woods.

Once everything starts to go wrong, Rebecca Front plays the role of Karen Kelly, a traveler who takes her meme-worthy moniker a bit too literally. Iris Kimura, the character that Suzy Nakamura portrays, is an associate owner of Avenue 5 who has had it up to here with the antics of pretty much everyone else.

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Rav Mulcair, the chief of mission control, is played by Nikki Amuka-Bird, who somehow finds herself in a situation in which she does not belong. Billie McEvoy, played by Lenora Crichlow, is a second engineer, but she is really the only one who can manoeuvre the spaceship after disaster strikes. Ethan Phillips, who plays Spike Martin, is a former astronaut and was the first Canadian to step foot on the Moon.

Both in life and in space, Spike Martin has lost his bearings. In addition to this, we will see Andy Buckley (from The Office), who plays Frank, Karen’s husband; Kyle Bornheimer (from Brooklyn Nine-Nine), who plays Doug, another passenger; and Himesh Patel (who was most recently seen in the Oscar-nominated film Don’t Look Up), who plays Jordan Hatwal, a stand-up comedian who makes multiple unsuccessful attempts to escape from the spaceship.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Trailer

When exactly does the action of Avenue 5 take place?

Primary Types of Species In the first season of the television series Avenue 5, the action takes place in the year 2060 when both space travel and vehicles that drive themselves have become commonplace, everyday events that no longer elicit the responses that they would have received forty years earlier.


The first season of Avenue 5 was released in 2020. The principal filming and shooting for season two were completed in November 2021. The second season is expected to premiere in the U.S. in 2022, according to the show’s current release plan.

However, there has been no mention of an official release date. The first season ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the characters’ destinies up in the air.

As the crew on board attempt to get a handle on the issue, marvellous insanity, and macabre comedy erupt. Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad are still around, as are the other regular suspects. The series is set in the year 2060 when space travel and cars have become commonplace.

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