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Henry Cavill as Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2

Henry Cavill discusses the reasons for his decision to reprise his role as Sherlock in the upcoming film Enola Holmes 2. The British actor is most recognized for his roles as Superman in the DC Extended Universe and Geralt of Rivia in the fantasy television series The Witcher, which airs on Netflix.

The first Enola Holmes film was released in 2020 and extended Cavill’s partnership with Netflix. The film was a tremendous success for the streaming site and one of their most-watched original films, with about 76 million household views in its first four weeks.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes, which is based on a series of books for young adults written by Nancy Springer, moves the attention away from the already-famous Sherlock Holmes and places it on his adolescent sister, Enola.

Even while Sherlock is still in the film, the part that he plays as the legendary detective, who has been portrayed by a plethora of actors over the years, including Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch, is much less than it would have been otherwise.

Enola Holmes followed the eponymous heroine, played by Millie Bobby Brown, as she works with the fugitive Lord Tewkesbury to unravel the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. Instead of Sherlock, the story focused on Enola Holmes. In spite of the fact that Sherlock had a small part to play in the first movie, that is going to alter in the future installment.

Cavill explains his decision to reprise his role as Sherlock in the upcoming film Enola Holmes 2 in a recent interview with Total Film (which was made available on GamesRadar+).

The DCEU and The Witcher actor appreciated Brown’s “professionalism” and “great enthusiasm” in the first picture, but it wasn’t enough to convince him to come back for the sequel; he cited a need to “do things right” instead.

In Enola Holmes 2, Henry Cavill Will Have a Bigger Role

Sherlock’s enhanced position in Enola Holmes 2 also certainly weighed towards Cavill’s choice to return. Ever since Sherlock was the centerpiece of the sequel’s first-look clip, it was evident that Enola’s renowned brother would have an enhanced role in the sequel.

The Enola Holmes 2 video continued showcasing Cavill’s Sherlock, stating that the Holmes brothers would band up to solve a crime when their own independent investigations cross.

While his DCEU comeback remains up in question, Cavill supporters are definitely thrilled to see him returning as Sherlock. As compared to his more serious part in The Witcher, the Enola Holmes film series is more of a playful whodunit that allows Cavill to enjoy himself.

With Sherlock having an enlarged role in the sequel, viewers will be able to witness even more of Cavill’s personable side that they don’t get to see onscreen as frequently. The wait won’t be too long, since Enola Holmes 2 arrives next month on Netflix.

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